More stuff about omiyamairi

More about omiyamairi (for those who want to know)...

This is an example of all the items tied onto the kimono.

This is special paper to write birth information about the child.

いぬ張子 = inuhariko
The dog (which is made of a kind of paper mache) is used to protect the child. The dog is a symbol that is often used for safe childbirth and raising a safe and happy child.

でんでん太鼓 = dendendaiko
This drum is a popular toy with children. When the handle is rotated, the strings on either side of the drums spin too, and hit the drums making a noise. It is never used as a musical instrument, only as a toy.

扇子 = sensu
This is a fan. It supposed to release good omens and luck when opened.

お守り袋 = omamori
This is a good luck charm (in red or white) with the image of a crane, to promote longevity and wellbeing.

ひも線 = himosen
These are envelopes to put the money gifts for the child. The amount is usually small, and must be of an odd-numbered denomination.

So we took all of these items and tied them together with string.

They were all then tied to the kimono, to send away bad luck and bad fortune and to invite good luck. It looked pretty amazing and because everything is so colorful and bright, it contrasted nicely with everyone`s black suits!

This is the bib and cap that Aiden wore to the shrine.
They are white with pictures of cranes on them (for good luck). Most babies wear white, but there are pink versions for girls too.


  1. Thanks for the explanation of everything! It's both interesting and useful! I feel the same as you do, I am into the Japanese traditions while Toshi could careless!

  2. Thanks Danielle! I guess you will need to know (and put into practice) all this stuff too pretty soon!


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