It`s towel time...

There is one thing that I looooove about summer in Japan...

Am I weird? Is it only me?

Yoshi came home late again last night (grrrrr) but instead of being grumpy and giving him grief, I wanted to jump on him!! Ahhh the power of the towel on the head.

And just to balance out the ridiculously hot with the absurdly cute...

(that`s not my baby, but now I know how cute it looks... watch out Aiden!)

p.s. they are called tenugui (手ぬぐい/手拭) in japanese, and come in lots of colors, materials and styles. But if you are like me, you`ll probably prefer the plain old white towel!


  1. *swoon*

    (nope, definitely not just you! ;P)

  2. Nope, not just you. Construction workers here are so hot. It's the power of the towel, I'm sure.

  3. LOVE. Pity my hub can't pull it off.


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