Impatiently weighting...

Yes the typo in the headline was intentional. I am impatiently waiting for the last 5 or so kg of my pregnancy weight to magically disappear, but starting to think that I may have to help it along!

I have been trying to be as active as possible, walking with Aiden (in the sling OR in the stroller) at least once a day, for at least 45 minutes. But if you are living in Japan now, you will be well aware that the rainy season is upon us, and although I have a rain cover for the stroller, I don`t fancy getting wet myself.

It is hard to control what I eat because my MIL cooks for us (so lucky right?), but I have been limiting the number of snacks I eat (and when I do snack, it is something pretty Japanesey like manjyu or sembe, and the occasional icecream!).

So, yesterday when Aiden and I were out in Shinsaibashi (buying a funny little hat and bib for his omiyamairi next week - more info on that later) I came across this book and DVD which I had previously seen on TV.

Can you believe this woman (Hiromi Kashiki - check her Japanese blog here) is 48 years old?

The book (and DVD) is entitled Curvy Dance カーヴィーダンス, and appealed to me because I hate traditional aerobics (all that bouncing up and down just doesn`t do it for me, and my room is on the 2nd floor, so feel sorry for my MIL listening to the banging above!)
I like dancing, and did Belly Dance for a while, so thought this might be fun, and useful too.

I tried out the DVD this morning - while Aiden looked at me strangely from his swing seat - and it seems to be fun, and good exercise too.

I took my measurements this morning (Saturday) because the DVD promises a loss of centimetres in just a week; so I will let you know how it goes.

UPDATE - Sunday morning. Did it again this morning and definitely feeling it in the sides of my belly!


  1. Ooooh, please do keep posted about cm loss progress. Very interested. ANythings worth a try when you've tried and failed as much as I have :)

  2. Welcome back to Japan and the rain! :)

    5kg seems like such a small amount but a pain in the rump when it comes to actually doing it! Especially if you are eating late at night again :)

    Anyway, definitely please let us know your progress as you dance those kg and cm's away.

    PS. would love to see more photos of Aiden! he's too adorable

  3. Thanks girlies. I will definitely keep you posted. I did the DVD again today - 3rd day in a row... and am still feeling the burn (in my upper arms and waist, which is where it promises to work), so we`ll see. Was hoping for big results in my thighs and butt, but perhaps that is another DVD... or maybe it is just taking longer to work through the layers of fat hehe ;)

  4. Hi there :))
    I know this is an older post but I was browsing your blog and thought this thread is as
    good as any to comment.
    I read a lot of your posts and find a lot of myself in them :))

    1. Thanks for your comment! I am so happy to hear from readers :) and I hope you will continue to read.
      Fran xx

    2. So tell, have you been continuing Curvy Dance ?
      I`ve been looking at it for some time now and wanting to buy but
      somehow I can`t see myself hopping around my living room :))

    3. I did continue for a few months, but now my son is bigger (and we all live together in one room in MILs house), there isn't time or space for me to keep going. I did really enjoy it though. It never felt like exercise. There isn't much hopping either. Lots of cross-over steps and booty shaking though!


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