Father`s Day

Yesterday was Father`s Day here in Japan (and in most places in the Northern Hemisphere!) Despite Yoshi being completely useless and forgetting my first Mother`s Day last month, I decided to celebrate his first Father`s Day with love and presents. What a lovely wife I am!

He went off to work as usual, but when he finally got home (at 11:30pm - yawn), I had a present waiting, and made some chocolate self saucing pudding (ridiculously easy but fabulously delicious) for him and my MIL.

The present? A cool fan powered by the USB port on his computer... (from LOFT)

And Aiden wore his `I love my daddy` romper, and I tried to take a cute picture...

hehe ;)

Anyway, HAPPY FATHER`S DAY to all the great dads out there, mine included of course!!


  1. You are indeed a fabulous wife. Can't believe you waited up!! Hope appreciated it all and that next year he makes up for missing your first ever mothers day this year with something great :)

  2. Unfortunately the 11:30pm finish is almost a daily event, and I have to wait up so that Aiden can spend some time with his daddy... I hope it is just a phase, but I won`t complain - in this economy, busy at work has to be a good thing!

  3. is that really a two month old aiden sitting up by himself?!

    happy fathers day to yoshi! can't wait to see you and aiden - better come to school soon as i leave next tuesday night for england! want some ei-chan hugs xx

    (plus need to tell you that my sister wants me to have a baby! yabbbbbaiiiiiiii!)

  4. That fan is freakin' AWESOME! And Happy Father's day ;)

  5. oh, yoshi!!! but i think my darling is the same, so don't worry. hahaha

    what you got for your dad is great :D i think he is already happy seeing your sweet baby, anyways not forgetting about the event and thanking dad is important ;D


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