8 weeks already?

Today (June 3) Aiden is 8 weeks old, and we are celebrating NZ style - breakfast outside in the sunshine! It isn`t really that warm (around 12 degrees), but the weatherman said that May 2011 was the warmest EVER (in NZ history!!), so I am enjoying the end of Autumn before winter really sets in.

I can`t believe I gave birth 8 weeks ago, and have been enjoying the company of my little angel for more than 50 days. Being pregnant felt endless, but living with a baby, time is flying by!

Here is some general information about an 8 week old baby...

This week baby will be weighing around 4.7kg (101/4 pounds) and measuring 55.25cm (213/4 inches) if he was of average size at birth.
* Actually Aiden is bigger than this. He already weighs 5kg and is about 60cm long!

Your baby is already storing memories, which enables him to associate certain events with certain consequences. He will begin to anticipate certain events when given a clue, for example, he/she may get excited when he sees a bottle because he associates it with being fed.
* Well I don`t feed Aiden with a bottle, so when he sees boob he gets excited! Just like any other boy I suppose!!

His physical abilities are increasing nicely now. He can lift his head up 45 degrees when he is hungry, and when in a sitting position, he can hold his head up most of the time.
* Yes! Aiden is using all his muscles really well, and when I help him, he tries to stand up on my lap or on the floor.

Baby can now even focus on objects 10 feet away, and he will follow you when you move away. Bright colors are still favorites, and he may turn his head in the direction of a voice or sound which interests him.

Now that baby has discovered his hands, he may examine them closely, and he may bring them close to his face. If he puts something in his mouth he will suck on it and his fingers. Baby is learning that the fingers are part of him, and the object isn't.
* Aiden has been sucking his thumb since he was born... He loves his fingers!

And some pictures from week 8;

wearing his snuggly dragon coveralls.

asleep on my lap.


  1. Hi fran! Aiden is a good boy!!! I always feel happy reading your blog because some moms simply write what drive them crazy ... you know.

    Few days ago I saw on TV the same thing you wrote here and the posts in the past!!! such as reflex motion, muscles, etc...

    thanks for your sharing :D take care!!!

  2. Happy 8 weeks. That has gone fast indeed. May was beautiful weather for the most part so hearing that it was warmest in history doesn't surprise me. Hope you still get some good weather before it starts getting really cold. I am one of those mums that blog about how much my kids drive me crazy !! I probably would have been kinder if I was blogging after Shou, when it was just him and he couldn't talk back to me or pack a tanty yet :)

  3. Thanks Ochi and GW. You may have noticed me blogging a bit less recently. On the days I blog, I have time, energy and positive feelings towards life!! The other days I am pretty much always exhausted... my little angel is not a great sleeper, and weeks 6-8 of his life have seen him with gassy sore tummies and lots of screaming into the night... If I had the focus to blog on those days, oh boy! I would be complaining for sure :)

  4. hahaha, no time to complain. that was funny. but i totally understand you!!! it just worked happy for others ;) hehe take care!!!!!!!!


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