2 months

On Wednesday it was Aiden`s 2 month birthday! I can`t quite believe we have made it this far already.

There are still so many things I don`t know and I usually feel like a terrible mother at least 10 times every day (usually when he cries and I eliminate all the usual reasons for crying - feeding, changing nappies, checking if he is too hot / cold, holding him in a different way... and he is still crying).

I feel calmest and best when he is sleeping, but recently my favorite part of being a mum is watching Aiden smile and laugh. He just looks so cute, and my heart melts. I was so happy to return to Japan yesterday and Yoshi got to see Aiden`s smile for the first time. Hubby smiling at baby smiling! The best combo ever ♡.

I am trying to take lots of photos, but it is quite difficult. 99% of the photos I take are when he is sleeping, because it is the only time I have my hands free to hold the camera. I am sad to say that there are only a few photos of me and Aiden together, and maybe only 1 of him with Yoshi (because Yoshi gets home from work at about 10pm each day and has only 1 day off a week -useless).

Both Yoshi and I hate having our pictures taken, but while I am writing this, I am vowing to myself to change that. I wish I had more picture of myself with my parents (as a baby), so am sure Aiden will feel the same way.

As a side note; In Japan people refer to other`s aura or atmosphere, and I guess it is similar to the way we talk about someone`s vibe in English. Recently people have been saying that my `atmosphere` has changed, which I think is really cool. In my pre-baby days people (even those very close to me) said that my vibe was really cold, unfriendly and ever-so-slightly bitchy. I am really shy when I am in groups of people, and with people I don`t really know well, and this comes across as bitchy and snobbish (I know). I am so pleased that Aiden has helped me to change my vibe - people say I seem much calmer, warmer and friendlier, and importantly, more approachable!



  1. He is so adorable. I agree, daddy's smiling and playing with kids is great. Pity that with so many late nights and hardly and holidays that hub doesn't get to enjoy Aiden and his beautiful smiles that much. I got told my funiki changed after having Shou too. Unfortunately my bitchiness returned when he hit about two :)


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