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It`s towel time...

There is one thing that I looooove about summer in Japan...

Am I weird? Is it only me?
Yoshi came home late again last night (grrrrr) but instead of being grumpy and giving him grief, I wanted to jump on him!! Ahhh the power of the towel on the head.
And just to balance out the ridiculously hot with the absurdly cute...

(that`s not my baby, but now I know how cute it looks... watch out Aiden!)
p.s. they are called tenugui (手ぬぐい/手拭) in japanese, and come in lots of colors, materials and styles. But if you are like me, you`ll probably prefer the plain old white towel!

More stuff about omiyamairi

More about omiyamairi (for those who want to know)...
This is an example of all the items tied onto the kimono.

誕生記 This is special paper to write birth information about the child.
いぬ張子 = inuhariko The dog (which is made of a kind of paper mache) is used to protect the child. The dog is a symbol that is often used for safe childbirth and raising a safe and happy child.
でんでん太鼓 = dendendaiko This drum is a popular toy with children. When the handle is rotated, the strings on either side of the drums spin too, and hit the drums making a noise. It is never used as a musical instrument, only as a toy.
扇子 = sensu This is a fan. It supposed to release good omens and luck when opened.
お守り袋 = omamori This is a good luck charm (in red or white) with the image of a crane, to promote longevity and wellbeing.

Aiden`s omiyamairi

Omiyamairi (お宮参り) is the first visit a baby makes to a shrine. You can read all the nitty gritty details in this handy wikipedia article if you are interested.
Usually this ceremony takes place on a baby boy`s 31st day of life (and a baby girl`s 32nd day of life), but we are busy people, and it has taken a bit longer for us to get organised.
We celebrated Aiden`s omiyamairi during his 10th week!
We arrived at the shrine (Hiraoka Jinja - on the Kintetesu Nara line) at about 11am and met the photographers who took our pictures pretty much as soon as we got there. That was lucky because it was incredibly hot yesterday (about 33 degrees) and we all sweated off our makeup and started looking very bedraggled very quickly!
Unfortunately I have to wait for those pictures to be developed before posting them, but I promise I will.
Aiden looked cute; my MIL wrote this character 大 on his forehead (in pink lipstick!) which means big, and he wore a white cap and a white bib.
First my MIL wore the kimono …


Despite a tragic lack of pictures of me and Yoshi with Aiden, I have managed to gather quite a collection of him with the whanau (family).
Let`s start with the youngest ... his japanese cousins...
And one kiwi cousin (my cousin`s son)...
And then his beautiful aunty Eve...
Nana Trish (my mum)...
Great Aunt Aileen (my mum`s sister)...
Great Nana Jean (my mum`s mum)...
Grandma Shizuko (Yoshi`s mum)...

What a lucky boy Aiden is to get all these lovely cuddles!!
Just a few more to collect (Grandad!!), and we should have also some nice ones of me and Yoshi from Aiden`s omiyamairi on Thursday, fingers crossed for good weather!

Father`s Day

Yesterday was Father`s Day here in Japan (and in most places in the Northern Hemisphere!) Despite Yoshi being completely useless and forgetting my first Mother`s Day last month, I decided to celebrate his first Father`s Day with love and presents. What a lovely wife I am!
He went off to work as usual, but when he finally got home (at 11:30pm - yawn), I had a present waiting, and made some chocolate self saucing pudding (ridiculously easy but fabulously delicious) for him and my MIL.
The present? A cool fan powered by the USB port on his computer... (from LOFT)

And Aiden wore his `I love my daddy` romper, and I tried to take a cute picture...
hehe ;)
Anyway, HAPPY FATHER`S DAY to all the great dads out there, mine included of course!!

Impatiently weighting...

Yes the typo in the headline was intentional. I am impatiently waiting for the last 5 or so kg of my pregnancy weight to magically disappear, but starting to think that I may have to help it along!
I have been trying to be as active as possible, walking with Aiden (in the sling OR in the stroller) at least once a day, for at least 45 minutes. But if you are living in Japan now, you will be well aware that the rainy season is upon us, and although I have a rain cover for the stroller, I don`t fancy getting wet myself.
It is hard to control what I eat because my MIL cooks for us (so lucky right?), but I have been limiting the number of snacks I eat (and when I do snack, it is something pretty Japanesey like manjyu or sembe, and the occasional icecream!).
So, yesterday when Aiden and I were out in Shinsaibashi (buying a funny little hat and bib for his omiyamairi next week - more info on that later) I came across this book and DVD which I had previously seen on TV.

Can you believe this woman…



2 months

On Wednesday it was Aiden`s 2 month birthday! I can`t quite believe we have made it this far already.
There are still so many things I don`t know and I usually feel like a terrible mother at least 10 times every day (usually when he cries and I eliminate all the usual reasons for crying - feeding, changing nappies, checking if he is too hot / cold, holding him in a different way... and he is still crying).
I feel calmest and best when he is sleeping, but recently my favorite part of being a mum is watching Aiden smile and laugh. He just looks so cute, and my heart melts. I was so happy to return to Japan yesterday and Yoshi got to see Aiden`s smile for the first time. Hubby smiling at baby smiling! The best combo ever ♡.

I am trying to take lots of photos, but it is quite difficult. 99% of the photos I take are when he is sleeping, because it is the only time I have my hands free to hold the camera. I am sad to say that there are only a few photos of me and Aiden together, and maybe only…

8 weeks already?

Today (June 3) Aiden is 8 weeks old, and we are celebrating NZ style - breakfast outside in the sunshine! It isn`t really that warm (around 12 degrees), but the weatherman said that May 2011 was the warmest EVER (in NZ history!!), so I am enjoying the end of Autumn before winter really sets in.
I can`t believe I gave birth 8 weeks ago, and have been enjoying the company of my little angel for more than 50 days. Being pregnant felt endless, but living with a baby, time is flying by!
Here is some general information about an 8 week old baby...
This week baby will be weighing around 4.7kg (101/4 pounds) and measuring 55.25cm (213/4 inches) if he was of average size at birth. * Actually Aiden is bigger than this. He already weighs 5kg and is about 60cm long!
Your baby is already storing memories, which enables him to associate certain events with certain consequences. He will begin to anticipate certain events when given a clue, for example, he/she may get excited when he sees a bottle because…