Week 5

Hey y`all, sorry about the lack of blogging...

This week has been the most exhausting since Aiden was born! He is now 5 weeks old, and maybe it is a growth spurt, or who knows? He has been waking up at least every 60-90 minutes (day and night) and fussing. He calms down and returns to sleep if I feed him... he is the hungriest baby on the planet!

I have been researching `cluster feeding` and think that it seems kind of like what he is doing. I don`t know if he is feeding for nutrition or comfort, but either way, it sure is tiring.

Cluster feeding - Cluster feedings are apparent when a baby has periods where he constantly breastfeeds for about three hours or so. Sometimes baby might fall asleep on the breast, refusing to let go and wanting to nurse more when waking. These babies are usually cranky and fussy and extremely demanding.

As a result, we (Aiden and I) are both sleeping very little and are a bit grumpy - sorry Yoshi.

I am researching ways to calm Aiden and help him sleep a bit longer, and have found `swaddling` to be the most recommended thing.

Have any of you tried swaddling a baby? It involves wrapping up the baby tightly, like a burrito, so that they feel safe and warm (like the environment inside the mother`s belly). There are right/wrong ways to swaddle a baby apparently, so I have been trying a few things today.

At first, Aiden resisted, and cried a bit, but he does seem calmer now. I am not sure if it is due to the swaddle, or being very very overtired.

In other news, we decided to send bags of rice (personalised) to all the people who gave us presents for Aiden. There is a company who prints special packaging and will send bags of rice (weighing the same as the newborn baby) to the lucky recipients.

On the package, we wrote his name, birthday, weight, length and put a photo of Aiden. Taking a cute photo to put on the package was the most challenging part. Aiden is a cute baby, but he is not very photogenic (just like me). It took about an hour, and about 100 pictures, but we finally came up with one!


  1. swaddling worked great for me - and when the kids got a bit older I used a sleeping bag thing to keep their legs enclosed and all zipped up. I found that the first few days or week until they got used to it was a bit hard - but nothing compared to what I was getting before that. Shou was my one hourly feeder and by Marina and Ryu I just swaddled straight off.

    Good luck. Here's hoping it works and you both get some more sleep.

  2. hi fran!

    the rice gift sounds very interesting!!! i never knew there is such a wonderful gift :D maybe i can remember it for my future. haha

    being a mother is not that easy... i knew it but your blog tells me really in detail. i see swaddling baby sometimes on an illustration like you posted but didn't know it actually works.

    i have one big question. can yoshi help you, or there is no way for him to help you... i know sometimes guys can just cheer you up but can do nothing... my darling might be the one... but if there is anything that he can do, i can input him the info before we become parents. hahaha


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