Shopping in NZ

So I haven`t been doing much since I arrived in NZ (which is lovely) except eating and sleeping of course, and a bit of shopping. It is nice to see some of my favorite products, and to discover some of NZ`s favorite baby products too.

Here are some of my recent purchases.

Aveeno Baby (apparently this brand comes from the US, but I have never seen it in Japan).
I bought the Soothing Relief Moisture Cream (as Aiden has some dry skin on his face) and the Creamy Wash (for bathtime). Both the products seem really gentle and smell great. I think I prefer them over the products we have been using in Japan (Johnson & Johnson) which seem a little harsh on his skin.

Twinkle twinkle little Scout is a toy made by LeapFrog. It plays lullabies and has counting and rhymes too. So it is an educational toy which is also supposed to soothe babies into a gentle sleep. It is very cute and Aiden seems to like it so far.

Oh Baby - a pregnancy and parenting magazine published here in NZ. Oh Baby also has a website with lots of information, forums etc for parents and parents-to-be.

Little Treasures - a parenting magazine published by Treasures (a nappy/diaper company)

The No Cry Nap Solution - this book teaches parents how to soothe babies into nap time sleep, and how to schedule naps for optimum health and developmental benefits. Aiden is still very young and dictating his own schedule, but as he gets older, some of the ideas in this book will be very useful.

John Frieda Go Blonder hair care. This shampoo and conditioner is formulated for blond hair (yay!) and helps the user to lighten their hair gradually and (relatively) healthily. I am so pleased to find hair care products made for NZ/Aus hair!

A String of Snails baby mobile (from Trade aid). This store sells products made in developing countries, with profits helping out people in need.

A tee shirt for Yoshi`s birthday (May 25th) from a NZ designer named Wearing Jack.

Wow! I have spent a lot of money already! I had better stay at home this weekend hehe ;)


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