Osaka Station City

Osaka Station City - website in English here

大阪ステーションシティ - website in Japanese here

These buildings are part of a huge development going on in Osaka at present. Located right above JR Osaka Station, the two towers (North Gate and South Gate Buildings) are home to some very gorgeous and rather expensive shops and restaurants.

Yoshi and I took a brief walk around on Thursday last week, and my sister (Eve) and I looked around a bit more closely this morning.

Yoshi commented, and I agreed, that the stores looked like they didn`t really belong here in Osaka where people like things about rough around the edges (in a good way!)

The North Gate Building is brand new, and home to a big department store (Isetan/Mitsukoshi), a shopping mall (Lucua), a huge range of restaurants, a gym and a cinema, as well as a rooftop garden.

The South Gate Building was already in place and houses Daimaru Department store, Granvia hotel, and some restaurants and clinics.

The area between the two buildings (looking like something Jackie Chan might like to slide down) covers the JR train station.

According to Kyodo news, the whole complex has a total store dimension of 134 thousand square meters, the largest in the country.

Not surprisingly, it has been packed since it opened... check out this pic (also from Kyodo news)!

The thing I was most excited about? Topshop!! There is a store in Tokyo, but until Osaka Station City opened, there was never one in Osaka. We had a look around today, but were a bit disappointed. Comparing the contents of the store to Topshop`s UK website reminded me that we are definitely in Japan, where the largest size was an `M` and all the clothes seemed very girly and pretty. I will have another look in a few months...


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