My favorite thing

I loved my Ergo Baby sling before I came to NZ, and since being here, I love it even more. Every day Aiden and I walk to the shops from my mum`s house and wander around. He usually falls asleep in the first 10 minutes of the walk and then stays asleep as I walk. Lots of women have approached us and asked about either Aiden or the sling. I don`t think the Ergo Baby sling is as popular here in NZ as it is in Japan, (probably because there are no issues with space, and almost everyone with kids pushes a stroller!)

The pregnant women who have asked me about the sling all have one child already and are looking for something to carry their next child in. Of course I tell them about my experience and rave about its calming properties on Aiden.

In NZ, the sling itself is quite expensive (from about $200-260 from this place), but I think it is worth it. I use my sling EVERY day, and because it helps Aiden sleep, his time in the sling counts as one of his naps (during which time I can be out and about).

I tried to take some pictures of Aiden in the sling, but because he is so close to me, I could only get his face! The white pillow-looking thing is the heart 2 heart insert. It keeps him nice and snug, and stops his head from flopping around.

and asleep...

Love ♡


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