I ♡ my sister

Today I met up with my sister Eve for a wee chat and gossip session in Namba. She is so wonderful! Every time I see her she always tells me I look great (even when it`s rainy and humid and my hair is frizzy) and listens to me complain about trivial things in my life. The best sister a girl could ever wish for!

She and I never had a relationship like this when we were younger, and I am sooo glad that she is here in Japan now so that we can hang out more often.

Thanks Eve... xx

p.s. I snapped a pic of Eve and Aiden at the cafe today - and I am sure she won`t mind me sharing it with you all. Aren`t they both gorgeous?


  1. i <3 eve too! and she's right - you are gorgeous and fabulous xx

  2. wow! your sis?! Is she younger or older?! you both are beautiful!!!
    like you, i don' have that kind of relationship with my sis, too. it is nice for you two to live in Japan and help each other :D

  3. and is that Aiden having a loving goo goo at his auntie! Lovely pic.

  4. Yeah, that`s Aiden... haha look at those big feet!


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