Going home

Guess where we (Aiden and I) are? I will give you some hints...

It took 11 hours to fly here (direct) from Japan.

It is Autumn here - and about 15 degrees celcius during the day.

There are more sheep and cows living here than people.

This country is famous for;

and this...

and of course this...

Yes! We are back in NZ for three weeks visiting my mum in her hometown - Havelock North. It was Aiden`s first time on a plane, and I was soooo nervous about him crying and annoying all the other passengers. I brought my nursing cover on board with me and wore it the whole time, just grabbing Aiden and pulling him under any time he started to whimper.

It worked a treat, and all the cabin attendants and other passengers commented on my baby`s great behavior! Yay! I guess that flying with a newborn is much easier than with a toddler, so I have newfound respect for all those mums flying with their young`uns!

Looking forward to 3 weeks of being spoilt by mum, and all the great kiwi food.


  1. Glad you got home safe! Meant to mail you on FB but time got away with me! Loved meeting your little fella last week, hope to see him again as soon as you guys get back!xx


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