6 weeks old

The day we arrived in NZ, Aiden turned 6 weeks old! Time is flying by so quickly and my little man is starting to develop quite the personality.

Unfortunately the first night we were here, Aiden had a bad gassy tummy ache and screamed for about 5 hours. That was the first time he has really cried, and it shocked me a bit. I sure was glad to have my mum here to help out, and she walked around and around the living room with him until he calmed down a bit.

After the first night however, Aiden has been starting to smile and grin and gurgle a bit! His facial expressions and noises have everyone in fits of laughter and his physical strength (legs, arms and neck) amaze my family too!

Here are some pics from week 6.

...look at that smile (well I only just caught the end of it on my camera).

...sucking his thumb.

...crashed out after the long flight.

...asleep in the big bed.

At 6 weeks of age, babies should be hitting certain milestones;

Motor skills

Your baby should be able to

• Lift her head when held to your body √
• Lift her head and chest when placed on her stomach for ‘tummy time’ √ (although Aiden doesn`t like tummy time!!)
• Turn her head from side to side when lying on her stomach √
• Follow a moving object or person with her eyes within a limited range of vision √
• Hold her hands open or loosely fisted √
• Grasp a rattle or small toy √
• Wiggle and kick out with her arms and legs √

In newborns, the development of the nervous system continues through primitive (or infantile) reflexes. These ‘primitive’ reflexes include:

The Moro reflex
While holding your baby in your arms, allow his head drop back a few centimeters only and he’ll respond with a sudden outstretching of the arms as if to catch hold on something. This reflex is tested by your pediatrician as soon as your baby is born.

The Rooting reflex
Stroking the corner of your baby’s mouth will result in the lowering of the lower lip and turning of the face towards the side of the stroke. This reflex appears at birth and disappears between 4 and 6 months. Obviously, this reflex is designed to help your baby learn to feed!

The Sucking reflex
Place the tip of one finger in your baby’s mouth and she’ll respond by vigorously sucking your finger. Wow – those babies can suck!

Grasp reflex
Place one finger in your baby’s palm or on the sole of her foot, and your baby will respond by flexing her fingers or curling her toes. The Grasp reflex usually disappears between 3 and 6 months.

Communication and Cognition

Again, by the time your baby is 6 weeks old, she should be able to:

• Turn her head toward bright lights √
• Turn her head toward the sound of your voice √
• Recognize her bottle or your breast √
• Respond to your shaking a rattle or bell nearby √
• Make cooing or gurgling sounds √
• Smile in response to your smile (every parent’s favorite moment!) √
• Communicate her hunger, fear, or discomfort (through crying or through her facial expressions) √
• React to ‘Peek-a-boo’ games √

So far I think he is doing great! I mean, he isn`t perfect, but I sure think he is pretty amazing :)


  1. hi fran! i'm glad your aiden is doing really good and healthy :D the check marks shows your personality! hahaha

  2. hehe you are right! I am a perfectionist, so of course I hope my baby is perfect too. I know that all babies develop at different rates, and of course, Aiden isn`t a genius or anything, but I am glad that he is doing well. Maybe I am oya-baka ;)


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