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Smile ~ !

It sucks that I had to take a picture of myself (hanging out alone all day will do that to you!), but look, I snapped a picture of Aiden`s cute little smile...

Shopping in NZ

So I haven`t been doing much since I arrived in NZ (which is lovely) except eating and sleeping of course, and a bit of shopping. It is nice to see some of my favorite products, and to discover some of NZ`s favorite baby products too.
Here are some of my recent purchases.
Aveeno Baby (apparently this brand comes from the US, but I have never seen it in Japan). I bought the Soothing Relief Moisture Cream (as Aiden has some dry skin on his face) and the Creamy Wash (for bathtime). Both the products seem really gentle and smell great. I think I prefer them over the products we have been using in Japan (Johnson & Johnson) which seem a little harsh on his skin.

Twinkle twinkle little Scout is a toy made by LeapFrog. It plays lullabies and has counting and rhymes too. So it is an educational toy which is also supposed to soothe babies into a gentle sleep. It is very cute and Aiden seems to like it so far.

Oh Baby - a pregnancy and parenting magazine published here in NZ. Oh Baby also has a w…

My favorite thing

I loved my Ergo Baby sling before I came to NZ, and since being here, I love it even more. Every day Aiden and I walk to the shops from my mum`s house and wander around. He usually falls asleep in the first 10 minutes of the walk and then stays asleep as I walk. Lots of women have approached us and asked about either Aiden or the sling. I don`t think the Ergo Baby sling is as popular here in NZ as it is in Japan, (probably because there are no issues with space, and almost everyone with kids pushes a stroller!)
The pregnant women who have asked me about the sling all have one child already and are looking for something to carry their next child in. Of course I tell them about my experience and rave about its calming properties on Aiden.
In NZ, the sling itself is quite expensive (from about $200-260 from this place), but I think it is worth it. I use my sling EVERY day, and because it helps Aiden sleep, his time in the sling counts as one of his naps (during which time I can be out and …


Not a bad week to be away from Osaka!
Here is the view from my window...

6 weeks old

The day we arrived in NZ, Aiden turned 6 weeks old! Time is flying by so quickly and my little man is starting to develop quite the personality.
Unfortunately the first night we were here, Aiden had a bad gassy tummy ache and screamed for about 5 hours. That was the first time he has really cried, and it shocked me a bit. I sure was glad to have my mum here to help out, and she walked around and around the living room with him until he calmed down a bit.
After the first night however, Aiden has been starting to smile and grin and gurgle a bit! His facial expressions and noises have everyone in fits of laughter and his physical strength (legs, arms and neck) amaze my family too!
Here are some pics from week 6.
...look at that smile (well I only just caught the end of it on my camera).
...sucking his thumb.
...crashed out after the long flight.
...asleep in the big bed.
At 6 weeks of age, babies should be hitting certain milestones;
Motor skillsYour baby should be able to• Lift her head when hel…

Smiley Happy People

So I have been here in NZ for 5 days already and already noticed some of the things that make this country so different to Japan. It has been so long since I`ve come back to NZ as something other than a visitor or a tourist (I mean this time I am just living here, doing the daily life thing, going to the supermarket and walking around town like a local), that I haven`t appreciated what I have been missing.

As you might know, Japan is famous for always providing world class service to customers in shops and restaurants, passengers on trains and planes and in taxis, and in general, politeness and professionalism abounds. I always thought that this was enough, and bragged to family and friends about how good I had it.
But, in the last 5 days, I have questioned it just a little bit. Although the staff in NZ stores might not have the cleanest uniforms, the nicest hairdos, or faces full of perfect makeup, they do have something ... a genuine care for others.
Since I boarded the plane (Air NZ) …

Going home

Guess where we (Aiden and I) are? I will give you some hints...
It took 11 hours to fly here (direct) from Japan.

It is Autumn here - and about 15 degrees celcius during the day.

There are more sheep and cows living here than people.

This country is famous for; this...

and this...

and of course this...

Yes! We are back in NZ for three weeks visiting my mum in her hometown - Havelock North. It was Aiden`s first time on a plane, and I was soooo nervous about him crying and annoying all the other passengers. I brought my nursing cover on board with me and wore it the whole time, just grabbing Aiden and pulling him under any time he started to whimper.
It worked a treat, and all the cabin attendants and other passengers commented on my baby`s great behavior! Yay! I guess that flying with a newborn is much easier than with a toddler, so I have newfound respect for all those mums flying with their young`uns!
Looking forward to 3 weeks of being spoilt by mum, and all the great kiwi food.

Osaka Station City

Osaka Station City - website in English here
大阪ステーションシティ - website in Japanese here
These buildings are part of a huge development going on in Osaka at present. Located right above JR Osaka Station, the two towers (North Gate and South Gate Buildings) are home to some very gorgeous and rather expensive shops and restaurants.

Yoshi and I took a brief walk around on Thursday last week, and my sister (Eve) and I looked around a bit more closely this morning.
Yoshi commented, and I agreed, that the stores looked like they didn`t really belong here in Osaka where people like things about rough around the edges (in a good way!)
The North Gate Building is brand new, and home to a big department store (Isetan/Mitsukoshi), a shopping mall (Lucua), a huge range of restaurants, a gym and a cinema, as well as a rooftop garden.
The South Gate Building was already in place and houses Daimaru Department store, Granvia hotel, and some restaurants and clinics.
The area between the two buildings (looking like…

Week 5

Hey y`all, sorry about the lack of blogging...
This week has been the most exhausting since Aiden was born! He is now 5 weeks old, and maybe it is a growth spurt, or who knows? He has been waking up at least every 60-90 minutes (day and night) and fussing. He calms down and returns to sleep if I feed him... he is the hungriest baby on the planet!
I have been researching `cluster feeding` and think that it seems kind of like what he is doing. I don`t know if he is feeding for nutrition or comfort, but either way, it sure is tiring.
Cluster feeding - Cluster feedings are apparent when a baby has periods where he constantly breastfeeds for about three hours or so. Sometimes baby might fall asleep on the breast, refusing to let go and wanting to nurse more when waking. These babies are usually cranky and fussy and extremely demanding.
As a result, we (Aiden and I) are both sleeping very little and are a bit grumpy - sorry Yoshi.
I am researching ways to calm Aiden and help him sleep a bit long…

I ♡ my sister

Today I met up with my sister Eve for a wee chat and gossip session in Namba. She is so wonderful! Every time I see her she always tells me I look great (even when it`s rainy and humid and my hair is frizzy) and listens to me complain about trivial things in my life. The best sister a girl could ever wish for!
She and I never had a relationship like this when we were younger, and I am sooo glad that she is here in Japan now so that we can hang out more often.
Thanks Eve... xx
p.s. I snapped a pic of Eve and Aiden at the cafe today - and I am sure she won`t mind me sharing it with you all. Aren`t they both gorgeous?


I talked to my dad (on Skype) today - and he took some screenshots.
Aiden was ... well... not really up for conversation

hehe ;)

2011 Celebrity Baby Names

So you know I was excited to be sharing my pregnancy with some big-name Hollywood Celebs, and they are all now starting to give birth.
Along with the excitement of seeing pics of the new A-list bubs, I was also interested to see what these mums (and dads) would call their little ones...
Check it out (lots of baby boys!)...
Mariah Carey - boy - Moroccan Scott / girl - Monroe
Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) - boy - Journey Jameson
Jane Krakowski - boy - Bennett Robert

Justin Guarini - boy - William Neko
Alanis Morissette - boy - Ever Imre
Rachel Zoe - boy - Skyler Morrison
Emma Bunton (Spice Girls) - boy - Tate
Bryan Adams - girl - Mirabella Bunny

and of course, these mums are due any week now...
Pink, Alicia Silverstone, Jessica Alba, Autumn Reeser, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Connelly, Natalie Portman, Jewel, Kate Hudson, Selma Blair, Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump and Alyssa Milano

Sunday May 8th

Happy Mother`s Day
Happy 1 month birthday Aiden!

My mum doesn`t read my blog, but sending lots of love to her in NZ anyway. Love you mum xx
Of course Aiden doesn`t read my blog either, so I am starting to wonder why I wrote this post...
Oh well.
BIG LOVE to all the mums out there ♡

Babies and gift giving in Japan

Here are some of the cool presents that Yoshi`s family and friends have given Aiden to celebrate his birth.
A bebe pod chair (for babies aged 3+ months, to practice sitting up)
A ride-on Rody horse

Miki house shoes This amazing Star-Lite bouncer / swing (with lights in the canopy, an Mp3 dock, swing settings, lullabies and more!)

Ralph Lauren bibs, towels and socks
Comme Ca jacket
Dolce & Gabana onesie and bib
Various other clothes
A Toys R Us gift card
Various amounts of cash (which we will put into a bank account for Aiden)

These presents are called oiwai (celebration and congratulations) and are wrapped in special paper that looks like this...
Money is usually presented in a special envelope (noshibukuro) tied with a cord. If you plan to give money as a gift, make sure to check the outside of the envelope first. Each type of occasion (wedding, funeral, birth) has different kanji characters written on it. It would be terrible to buy and give the wrong envelope!

In general, gifts are given f…

4 weeks old!

Happy 4 week birthday Ei-chan.

Every day I think that I couldn`t love you any more, and then the next day you do something cuter and more wonderful and I fall in love with you all over again.
This week was Golden Week (ゴールデンウィーク) and Yoshi took 4 days off work to spend with us. It was really the first time that he has spent so many hours in a row with Aiden, so it was nice to have a bit of help changing diapers (a few), and rocking him to sleep.
In Japan, Golden Week contains 3 public holidays - Constitutional Memorial Day, Greenery day, and Children`s Day. Children`s day 子どもの日 (or more commonly, Boy`s day) is a day set aside to respect children's personalities and to celebrate their happiness. It was designated a national holiday by the Japanese government in 1948.
On Boy`s day (or before), families with young sons usually raise the carp flags known as Koinobori or display a Kintaro doll (which sits upon a large carp and wears a big helmet - kabuto). The Kintaro and kabuto are symbol…