What a difference a few days makes

Last night Aiden (and I) met his new cousin Mone. She was born on April 18th (10 days after Aiden) and weighed 2660g at birth (Aiden weighed 3500g).

Look at the difference...

That`s Aiden in the front (in case you couldn`t tell).

I could hold Mone in one arm and her hands and feet are tiiiiiny, like a real newborn!

Anyway, size doesn`t matter (right?) and I have high hopes that the 2 of them will be not only cousins but great friends too.


  1. great comparison shot. I'm sure in a few years Mone will catch up :)

  2. I am sure she will - and until then, we will all have to sit through comparisons of other kinds too I am sure; who has more hair, who walks and talks first... aaaaaagh!
    And they live right next door :)


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