Pictures of Aiden (Week 1)

In no particular order, here are some pics of my lil cutie from his first week of life...

his thinking face...

just after a nap!

crashed out after a big feed.

sheepskin from NZ, such a great way to nap!

are you gonna be a boxer? a K1 fighter?

is that your first smile?

chillin out...

He does seem to spend a lot of time with his eyes closed! Although I adore looking into his deep blue eyes, I guess that makes me a lucky mum :)


  1. good morning fran!

    your aiden is really cute!!! you are mom!!! amazing!!!
    and his nose is just like yours! which would be kakkoii :) i wish i could have high nose, u know... hehe

    btw, do you have blue eyes?!

  2. YAY - pics. Adorable photos. Those baby sheepskins are the softest most fluffiest things ever. We got one for Shou. Lovely nap spot. Love it when they lie with fisted hand up by side of face. Ahhhhh. he is just beautiful.

  3. Ahhhhh too cute. I love his boxer pose.

  4. Thanks guys! I really have to try to take some more `awake` pictures, but can`t seem to catch him in action!!

    Ochi, yeah I have blue eyes, but really light blue (I take after my dad because he has light blue eyes too). I am pretty sure that Aiden`s blue eyes will change to brown or black later in his life because the DNA for dark eyes is much stronger.


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