Love bug

Did you know my first car was an orange 1969 VolksWagen Bug? I was in love with that car and it almost broke my heart when I sold it to buy a plane ticket to come to Japan (almost 8 years ago).

Although I love (and tell Yoshi that I want to someday own) Audis and Ferraris too, my one true love is the VW beetle.

Look at this incredible picture I found today!

Need it . Want it . Love it !


  1. Hi fran,

    I wish to drive VolksWagen, too! I love it!!! And I totally agree with beetle. BUT my darling says that is too cute for him to drive X( Anyways we don't need car in the city, so maybe years later... BTW, 1979 is my birth year! hehe

    Wow! Now your baby is zero days to go!!! I was just surprised to see your Baby Ticker next to the post a comment text box!!!


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