Happy April 1st

So today is April 1st, 2011 (the 91st day of the year)! I can`t believe how fast the year is going, and how soon I`ll be 30 (tomorrow - yikes!), and how soon I`ll be a mother (next week hopefully - yippee!).

I got a text message from one of my good friends this morning telling me that she and her long-term boyfriend had broken up... (not an April Fool`s joke - I hope!) ...so sad. I hope she will be ok, but recently we haven`t been close as we once were, so I don`t want to push her to talk.

I saw Yoshi`s brother last night, and he gave me a massage and a bit of acupuncture to help with my pregnancy sciatica. I feel a wee bit better today, but he (and everyone else) said I will probably just have to wait until the baby is born until I feel much relief. I managed to hobble around a bit this morning and put a load of washing through, AND hang it outside on the balcony. My life is so dull this week!!

For all those people who told me to get lots of rest before the baby is born - well, I am! Finally!

** Famous people born today (so sorry they were born on a day with such a silly name) include...

Emperor Go-Saga (the 88th emperor of Japan) born in 1220;

Susan Boyle (the scottish singer and star of Britain`s got talent) born in 1961;

Method Man (an American rapper) born in 1971;

Matt Lanter (an American actor and model, and star of the new 90210 series) born in 1983;


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