First three weeks of Aiden`s life; my `must-have` list

Because quite a few of my preggy friends (in Japan and in NZ) are reading my blog, I thought I would write down a list of all the things that have been really useful to me during the first three weeks of Aiden`s life.

While I was still pregnant, I read so many lists online (and lists given to me by department stores and baby goods stores) and went a little overboard preparing for Aiden`s arrival. Suffice to say, there are still things which remain in their packets, and some things which are almost worn out from so much use (ok, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration - but things which I have used every day at least!)

Things I use every day...

1 - Diapers (of course). We are using Pampers NB (newborn) which we bought in bulk from Costco.

2 - Baby wipes. We are using Kirkland wipes (non-alcohol) which we also bought in bulk from Costco.

3 - Nursing pillow. Because Aiden is still relatively small, I can hold him up while he is nursing, but doing that 10 times a day causes some serious muscle pain. Having him lay / rest on the nursing pillow is easier for everyone. We bought our nursing pillow from Toys R Us (for around 900yen).

4 - Baby dresses. Yes, Aiden is a boy. No, I don`t mean dresses like frilly little pink baby-doll dresses for girls. Actually, I don`t know what these are called in other countries, but in Japan, they are called baby dresses (ベビードレス) or cover-alls (カバーオール). Most of the baby clothes I bought looked so cute online or in the store, and most of them are onesies or rompers but are so impractical. Having to button or snap up around Aiden`s legs (which don`t really straighten properly yet) is a big mission, especially after the 10th diaper change of the day. Baby dresses allow the legs to wave around freely, and the `dress` lifts up easily for diaper changes. Since Aiden was born I have bought a lot of these (cheaply of course - from Akachan Honpo or Nishimatsuya, or even the supermarket) and he lives in them! The little kimono types are also very useful!

4 - Alcohol wipes. The doctors at the Nisseki hospital told me to buy these to clean the area around Aiden`s belly button stump. They have been very useful!

5 - This Ipod App. The nurses at the hospital gave me a kind of diary to record all of Aiden`s bowel movements and drinking sessions, but I never seem to remember to write them down (or have a pen handy). I always have my Ipod with me, and just one push allows the App to record all of the same things. I then write them in the diary later (for the nurses to check at our one month appointment).

6 - Sangenic (by Combi) diaper pail and refils. I don`t know what I expected (or if I even gave it that much thought), but wow! Newborn babies go through A LOT of diapers. We have almost used up the first box (of 300 diapers) that we bought the week before Aiden arrived. We have also gone through 2 cartridges (plastic bin liners) for our diaper pail. The pail seems to be good, and doesn`t smell bad at all (despite being right next to our bed).

7 - Waist nipper. This one was recommended by Nisseki hospital (not for health reasons, but for aesthetic ones) and has been great. It is really tight of course, so not the most comfortable thing, but (although my skin is much looser and softer than before) my stomach is almost back to its pre-pregancy size! It is a bit like wearing a corset, so it means you can`t eat as much as you would like to, so maybe take it off for meal times.

8 - These and these. Pretty self explanatory I think!

Things I use almost every day...

1 - Breast milk pump. I only breastfeed Aiden which means I don`t need bottles for formula and milk, but sometimes when we go out, breastfeeding is not always convenient, so it is nice to have a pumped bottle of breast-milk in these cases. I have the Pigeon hand held pump which seems good for occasional pumping (am not sure I would want to use it too many times / every day).

2 - Baby sling. We bought the Organic Ergo Baby Carrier and I (and Aiden) LOVE it. He falls asleep almost immediately after putting him in it, and stays asleep for at least an hour. It is good, stable and well constructed and leaves both my hands free for shopping, drinking/eating, holding onto things, carrying things, and stopping myself from falling over on the train, walking down stairs etc.

3 - Car seat / Child seat. We bought the Recaro seat (from Toys R Us) and it seems good so far. Aiden likes it, and sleeps well when he is in the car. It is one of the smaller seats on the market (Japanese car seats are HUGE), but was a little expensive (around 45,000yen).

4 - Moment Garden. This website allows me to post pictures and short captions about Aiden and will automatically update my family / friends when I do so. Because my family is not in Japan, and haven`t seen Aiden in person yet, this is a nice way to keep them updated. It seems a bit more intimate and secure than Facebook or Flickr.

Ok, I think that is mostly all.
If I think of anything else, I will update it of course.

Happy shopping everyone xx


  1. Thanks for sharing, fran! it was really interesting to read it!!! Especially things you use almost every day #1! hehe

    So far going as you knew?! I mean, what were the things different than you thought?!


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