I think I mentioned that Yoshi`s sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time. She fell pregnant 2-3 weeks after me, and just had her baby girl yesterday (10 days after me)!

Congratulations Aki and Chika on the newest addition to your family!

Their baby`s name in Kanji is 文音 and in Hiragana is もね and although I have asked them, they are still undecided about how to write it in English (Romaji characters). It is pronounced like Monet (the artist) but might be written Mone or Moneh or another way.

Aki and Chika already have 2 sons, so were so pleased to welcome a daughter. She weighed just 2660grams at birth, much smaller than Aiden (her big boy cousin).

I am already excited about the prospect of もね and Aiden being great cousins and great friends!


  1. There's a real baby boom in your family, isn't there! It'll be so great for もね and Aiden to gorw up together.

  2. omedetou! will hopefully see proud daddy/uncle/aunts sometime this week at school!xx

  3. Hi! Fran!!! Congrats to your sis in law!!! Daughter after 2 sons should have been long-awaited!!! もね is a cute name! you all have international names. hehe


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