Baby update

We came home from the hospital today which was great. I mean, of course it was nice to stay in my room (my bed most of the time) at the hospital and have people bring me food and drinks and have a few visitors stop by, but it wasn`t really that comfortable (being in a completely Japanese hospital environment, and spending nights away from my wonderful hubby for the first time since we got married).

I have so many things to tell you all, so will spend the next few days (if I have time) going into some more details on my birth story, my hospital stay, and of course my lovely new son Aiden.

But first, just a few new things about my wee boy.

When he was born his hair was really light and curly, but over the last 3-4 days it has darkened to a light brown and has become more wavy than curly. He definitely gets those curls from me!

His eyes are still blue, but everyone I speak to tells me that they will darken, or change color as he gets older. Of course that`s ok too.

The nurses at the hospital told me that he is the MOST Japanese-looking baby that has ever come from a non-Japanese mother in their experience. Hehe ;) I guess that Yoshi has REALLY strong DNA.

Here is one pic for you guys that I took on my Ipod. The quality is not so good, but its the only one I have uploaded to my computer so far... Having a newborn in the house doesn`t leave much time for anything else!!


♡ my angel!


  1. Aw, he's gorgeous. Congratulations!

  2. Hi fran!!!

    Congrats again!!! Yes, he looks like yoshi when he closes his eyes at this moment, but I know boys mostly look like mothers, so I can't wait to see him growing up :D

    Your boy looks very healthy and I really love the photo. Thanks for sharing and please take care!!!

    After seeing your baby, I really want to have a boy like him someday soon ;)

  3. BEAUTIFUL. and welcome home. getting used to life at home with bubs will be awesome, challenging, tiring and full of cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. Clucky - I shouldn't be. 3 should be enough of a contraceptive! Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more pics. And look how 'high' his nose is. Japanese, really. please. 50% kiwi in


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