April 2nd - BIRTHDAY (mine, not the baby`s... don`t get excited)

My 30th birthday has started off not too badly.

I awoke to find over 20 posts on my facebook wall from friends and well-wishers in Japan and from overseas too. Most of the messages simply said `Happy Birthday`, a few said `can`t wait to meet the baby` and some said `is he coming today?`

Honestly, at this point, he can come anytime he is ready - and the sooner the better!!!!!

After being awake for just 15 minutes, I did get some bad news; Yoshi`s sister`s dog passed away early this morning, which is very sad. The dog (Linda) had cancer I think, so I am sure that she is in a much happier, less painful place, but still... :(

Around midday I had a nice long Skype chat with my mum in NZ, and then my sister called (from work - here in Japan), so I am feeling the love.

It is now 1:30pm, and I have yet to eat anything, so will hobble downstairs for some brekky.

Later skaters.

--> UPDATE (1:52pm)

Was about to head downstairs when MIL knocked on the door and brought me my lunch!! Wow! What a nice surprise. It is a gorgeous spring bento with lots of yummy looking things inside. Very lucky! Birthday is definitely looking up!

--> UPDATE (7:04pm)

This afternoon I talked to my dad in England and also a friend in Toyko! So nice to hear from everyone.

I did some yoga stretches which didn`t help my pain at all, but made me feel a little bit refreshed... sitting down all day sounds lovely, but boy does it make me feel lazy and useless.

I also watched American Idol (the new season with Steven Tyler and J-Lo as judges), Grey`s Anatomy and Private Practice (the latest episodes screened in the US). Very nice!

And Yoshi`s nephews (Kanata and Uta, who live right next door) just popped over to give me a birthday card that they made. So cute!

--> UPDATE (April 3)

So the rest of my birthday went nicely. Yoshi came home earlier than usual from work (about 9pm instead of 10pm!) so we all ate dinner together - tempura!! And then we all had a piece of chocolate cake! So nice. Although I am obviously sore, and tired, and ready to get this baby out of me, it was still nice to be pampered and spoilt (will definitely be the last time I spend a birthday without a baby, so it put things in perspective a little).


  1. Happy Birthday. I have just rung my sister in NZ to with her a Happy Birthday :) What a sweetie your MIL is. Enjoy it because if she's anything like Granny K she'll be full of unwanted bits of advice in a week or two - and probably lasting about 18 years :)

    Have a nice evening too.


  2. Thanks! Oh Happy B-day to your sister too! Lots of great people were born today! hehe. Yes, I am definitely making the most of all of this special attention from the MIL. I know it can`t and won`t last forever ;)

  3. happy birthday in english, happy bath-day in japanese!

    glad you had a great day xx


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