Aiden`s birth story

WARNING: If you don`t want to read about some of the gory and personal details of giving birth, please STOP reading now.

My birth story started as a very regular day (or so I thought). On Thursday April 7th (Yoshi`s only day off last week), I had a checkup at the hospital (my 40 week checkup) and was really hoping that the doctor might have some good news regarding my progress. I felt just about ready to burst, and was so ready to get my little one out!!

As I undressed to have my examination, something strange happened. I felt like I was peeing my pants, looked down, and saw a puddle on the floor. Oh MY God! I think my water just broke!!

The doctor confirmed my suspicions and told me that I would have to be admitted to the hospital asap. Walking around and generally living life with one`s water broken can be very dangerous, as bacteria can more easily enter the uterus and harm the baby.

Although contractions were yet to start, I was admitted to the hospital (luckily we already had my `hospital bag` in the car) and started my journey! It was about 1:00pm.

Yoshi and I waited, and watched TV, and ate conbini bentos, and waited... By evening, nothing had happened, so we both went to sleep (me on my bed, and Yoshi on the sofa in my hospital room), and continued to wait. I was feeling some contractions, but they were very irregular and not painful at all (a bit like period cramps).

At around 9:00am on Friday April 8th, the doctor came into my room and told me that we had waited long enough. I would have to be induced so that labour would start, and there would be no more risk to my baby.

I was taken into the labor and delivery room and hooked up to an IV drip. Pretty soon I started to feel contractions that came about every 5 minutes. Every 15 minutes or so, the nurses turned up the dose of medicine and my contractions started to become much more regular and MUCH more painful. It felt like it took forever, but my contractions were about 2 minutes apart by early afternoon, and I was very very uncomfortable.

My doctor told me that it would probably be late evening when I delivered my baby, and I was feeling very frustrated - I didn`t think I could wait so long!

At around 2:00pm, the doctor told me that I was 8cm dilated, and that it would still be a couple of hours until I would be ready to push. I couldn`t believe it. My contractions were so strong and so painful, I almost felt ready to push! I remember saying aloud several times `I can`t do this`, and when the doctor told me I still had about an hour to go, I burst into tears. It was soooo much harder than I thought it would be, and a few times I wanted to give up (not that it was really an option!)

Finally the time came when I was 10cm dilated, the doctor removed the end of my bed, put my legs in stirrups, covered my lower body with blue hospital sheets and started preparations for baby. PUSH PUSH PUSH. It didn`t take long, and my little Aiden appeared. He didn`t cry and I was so worried. When I saw him, he looked like he was purple, and I started to panic. It turned out that as he came out, the umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck and he had trouble breathing. BUT the doctors did great work (very quickly) to remove the fluid from his lungs and get him breathing properly.

I got to hug him a little before they whisked him away to get him cleaned up and checked out.

The doctor then went to work on delivering my placenta and stitching me up (delivering a 3500g and 50.6cm baby doesn`t come without a few battle wounds!).

WOW! It was 4:58pm and I was a mama :)

* Aiden`s first photo (that is Yoshi`s hand)... he looks so small ~ !


  1. Thanks Fran for sharing!!! I'm very touched by your experience. I forgot I was reading this at my desk and moved to the point of tears.

    Congrats! Again and again!!!

    Does it still hurt?! I might be asking a stupid question but no anesthesia when stitching up?! X(

  2. Congratulations again. Nothing can ever prepare you for your first labour and birth. If 'I can't do this' was all you yelled I think you did exceptionally well. I yelled obscenities of all descriptions. War wounds getting stitched - why doesn't anyone ever tell you how painful that will be. Bloody big ouch.
    Aiden is just adorable - such a perfectly round face. Hope everything is going well at home xxx


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