Aiden - week 2

I can`t believe 2 weeks have passed since I gave birth to this little munchkin!

I still waste hours every day just staring at him and all his funny facial expressions. He makes me crack up laughing just by making those cute little faces.

I am slowly getting the hang of taking care of such a tiny human. Basically he is a great baby, he doesn`t really cry all that much, but he gets VERY grumpy when he is hungry - just like daddy! He likes to feed about once every 1 and 1/2 hours on average, which means I am pretty busy.

Already he is pretty stubborn and hates being naked. That isn`t much of a problem except he has overflowed his diapers (nappies) almost every day which requires a full wipe down and outfit change! Squirming and screaming make it pretty hard to get a baby changed quickly. Sorry Aiden!

Here are a few pictures from our 2nd week together.

Near Osaka castle - we found the last of the cherry blossoms!

First ride in the new child seat (slept the whole way!)

Aiden and 3 of his 6 cousins!

In other news, I have already lost 10kg of my horrible pregnancy weight which I am most stoked about. Only another 7 to go!!!


  1. great pics. Glad to hear Aiden is settling into life on the outside well. Love the pic of him and his cousins.

    And great news on the weight loss.


  2. Aw, I love the picture of him in the car seat. And well done on the weight loss.


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