40 . weeks . pregnant .

Today, April 5th 2011 is supposed to be the day when my baby is born, but...

It is a well documented fact (on blogs, websites and other internet portals) that only 5% of babies are born on their due date. I think that there are more resources on this fact than many other important parts of pregnancy because there are A LOT of very frustrated mums-to-be out there that wake up on their due date desperately asking the question `Where is my baby?`

Try googling `40 weeks pregnant` or even `41 weeks pregnant` and you will be bombarded with blog postings written by very very tired, bloated and grumpy women.

Because all of my japanese friends, and all of Yoshi`s family members delivered their babies small, and well before their due dates, I guess I just assumed that my baby would come early too. Boy was I wrong.

It is around this time (I guess) that a lot of expectant mothers also start searching for ways to naturally induce labor. I asked Yoshi if this is popular in Japan too, but being a boy, I guess he was the wrong person to ask, as I was answered with a very blank stare.

Some methods I had previously heard of (old wives tales I suppose) include eating curry, going for long walks, doing squats/lunges, having sex, climbing stairs and of course, ingesting castor oil.

Other methods I found online include eating pineapple, eating eggplant parmesan, nipple massage, drinking raspberry leaf tea, relaxation and visualisation techniques, acupressure, bumpy car rides, bouncing on a yoga ball... and many more.

As I am still in a great deal of pain with my pregnancy sciatica, long walks are out of the question, as is stair-climbing. So today I will try some of the others, and we will see what happens...

1. Method 1 -- Acupressure / massage

Located deep in the webbing between either hand's thumb and forefinger; in between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones.

Stimulation of this point has been know to begin labor, enhance contractions during labor and in non-pregnant females, bring on menstruation several days early. Also may relieve pain from migraine.

2. Method 2 -- Squats / lunges

Although I am having trouble walking around and changing positions when sitting or lying down, standing still in an upright position is not too bad, so I tried some simple squats and lunges.

3. Method 3 -- The yoga ball

  • Step 1 : Sit on the yoga ball with your feet spread shoulder-width apart.

  • Step 2 : Rock your hips in a gentle circular motion. Switch directions every 10 rotations.

  • Step 3 : Bounce lightly on the ball. Continue this activity for 20 to 30 minutes if possible.

  • (The movement of your hips and pelvis will apparently encourage the baby to drop toward the cervix. It also helps open the pelvis, preparing it for delivery.)

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    1. Hi fran,

      I can't believe you can blog in the last minutes!!!

      I simply hope you and your baby are doing well :)

    2. Actually some pregnancies can last 41-42 weeks, so I need to keep writing my blog - to keep busy! Waiting, waiting... waiting makes me crazy!

    3. OMG, I just realised your due date was Leilah's due date!! I went into labour on her due date but didn't give birth till 70 odd hours later.

      Good luck!!

      It won't be too much longer before you have your little one in your arms.

    4. Thanks Nay! Wow... 70 hours is a very long time. These last few days are unbearable, but I am so looking forward to the outcome! And happy birthday to Leilah (soon!)

      Thanks Ochi. Although the ticker and the my Ipod applications tell me that the baby should come today - he is very slow! I think he is just like my husband because I am ALWAYS waiting for him hehe ;)

    5. I presumed that because my first was 10 days early that my other 2 would be two. The last couple of weeks of pregnancy for them was hell. Just come out already :)

    6. Hope baby boy comes soon! Can't wait to see pictures :D xx


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