39 weeks

I just realised I haven`t done a bump picture post for this week. Not that I feel great, and not that I really want to take a picture of myself in this miserable state, but I shall... for y`all ♡.

I have been reading a bunch of `birth stories` online; mothers write about the whole labor and birth experience. Surprisingly it hasn`t made me nervous at all. Maybe I am in denial... I have this big bump, but will a real baby actually come out in the next week? I just cannot imagine how it will feel and how much my life will change.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, all of Yoshi`s sisters and sisters-in-law had already given birth! And, as I may have mentioned before, all of their babies weighed well under 2800grams, a milestone that my little man passed weeks ago (at yesterday`s checkup he weighed about 3260grams)!
None of them really understand how I am feeling (heavy, heavy, stiff and sore and heavy), which is a little tough, but I am listening to all of their words of wisdom nonetheless and continuing to hobble about to the best of my ability.

Here is what a bump (and the baby inside) should look like at 39 weeks; completely ready for the outside world!

And here is what my bump looks like at 39 weeks (and 3 days), full of baby!

Friday - week 39

(don`t worry, it`s just lipstick on my belly - trying to bring a little cheer to the photo!)

Here are some things I can't wait to do again once the baby comes:
  • Bend over
  • Sit up or stand up without having to rock back and forth a couple of times
  • Have a glass of wine or champagne
  • Take medicine if I have a headache
  • Not pee every 5-20 minutes
  • Wear high heels
  • Eat lots of sushi and sashimi (I have had a little, but not as much as I would have liked!)
  • Have as much caffeine as I want to...which isn't much...but I want the choice
Things I can't wait to do with our little man:
  • Stare at him all day and night long
  • Smell him
  • Touch his little feet and hands
  • Take about 5 gazillion pictures
  • Watch Yoshi hold our son
  • Hugs, hugs, hugs!


  1. so so soon! You look great for just about to pop. I agree that reading the birth stories first time round isn't overly scary because it is hard to put any of it in perspective. Don't read them the second time round as it will just bring back memories :)

    You'll be great and soon holding your little man and watching Yoshi holding him (warm fuzzies) and taking a gazillion pics.



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