3 weeks :)

Happy 3 week birthday Ei-chan!! (in Japanese, Aiden`s name is written phonetically as えいでん, and the えい sound is pronounced as `Ei` - if I write `Ai` it is pronounced as `I`).

In Japan little children are usually given nicknames with `chan` or `kun` at the end... a term of endearment. Usually `chan` is for girls, and `kun` for boys, but with babies (and even some adults I know) it doesn`t seem to really matter!

To celebrate his 3rd week of life, Aiden`s body finally got rid of his umbilical cord stump (a little late - it usually happens before the 2 week mark)... so we could give him his first bath!! That might sound a little controversial (and smelly), but I was told by my doctors that we were to wait until it fell off to avoid infection.

So the first bath went down without too much drama! Yoshi got step-by-step instructions from his big brother, and 4 of Aiden`s 6 cousins came by to watch! He didn`t cry at all and seemed to enjoy all the attention!

In other news from this week, we went to the passport centre to start the application process for Aiden`s Japanese passport. We only got as far as having his picture taken and collecting all the forms (because I forgot to bring his birth certificate - duh!) Because Golden Week starts today, it will take longer than usual to process everything, so it might be a few weeks before we get it.



  1. He's grown so much in just a few weeks! Crazy!
    I'm glad his first bath went down so smoothly! Let's hope everything else goes as easily!


  2. Hope he continues to be a bath lover. Definitely makes bath times easier :) Love that loads of his cousins were there to witness it!

  3. Thanks guys, well his first 2 baths have been a great success, so I hope that he continues to love baths (and water in general) too.

    And yes, he has grown a lot (by my rough measurements, he is already 4000g!


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