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First three weeks of Aiden`s life; my `must-have` list

Because quite a few of my preggy friends (in Japan and in NZ) are reading my blog, I thought I would write down a list of all the things that have been really useful to me during the first three weeks of Aiden`s life.
While I was still pregnant, I read so many lists online (and lists given to me by department stores and baby goods stores) and went a little overboard preparing for Aiden`s arrival. Suffice to say, there are still things which remain in their packets, and some things which are almost worn out from so much use (ok, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration - but things which I have used every day at least!)
Things I use every day...
1 - Diapers (of course). We are using Pampers NB (newborn) which we bought in bulk from Costco.
2 - Baby wipes. We are using Kirkland wipes (non-alcohol) which we also bought in bulk from Costco.
3 - Nursing pillow. Because Aiden is still relatively small, I can hold him up while he is nursing, but doing that 10 times a day causes some serious …

3 weeks :)

Happy 3 week birthday Ei-chan!! (in Japanese, Aiden`s name is written phonetically as えいでん, and the えい sound is pronounced as `Ei` - if I write `Ai` it is pronounced as `I`).
In Japan little children are usually given nicknames with `chan` or `kun` at the end... a term of endearment. Usually `chan` is for girls, and `kun` for boys, but with babies (and even some adults I know) it doesn`t seem to really matter!
To celebrate his 3rd week of life, Aiden`s body finally got rid of his umbilical cord stump (a little late - it usually happens before the 2 week mark)... so we could give him his first bath!! That might sound a little controversial (and smelly), but I was told by my doctors that we were to wait until it fell off to avoid infection.
So the first bath went down without too much drama! Yoshi got step-by-step instructions from his big brother, and 4 of Aiden`s 6 cousins came by to watch! He didn`t cry at all and seemed to enjoy all the attention!

In other news from this week, we went t…

Cuuuuuute :)

OMG is this not the cutest thing you`ve seen in a while...?
Gorgeous Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn

What a difference a few days makes

Last night Aiden (and I) met his new cousin Mone. She was born on April 18th (10 days after Aiden) and weighed 2660g at birth (Aiden weighed 3500g).
Look at the difference...

That`s Aiden in the front (in case you couldn`t tell).
I could hold Mone in one arm and her hands and feet are tiiiiiny, like a real newborn!
Anyway, size doesn`t matter (right?) and I have high hopes that the 2 of them will be not only cousins but great friends too.

Aiden - week 2

I can`t believe 2 weeks have passed since I gave birth to this little munchkin!
I still waste hours every day just staring at him and all his funny facial expressions. He makes me crack up laughing just by making those cute little faces.
I am slowly getting the hang of taking care of such a tiny human. Basically he is a great baby, he doesn`t really cry all that much, but he gets VERY grumpy when he is hungry - just like daddy! He likes to feed about once every 1 and 1/2 hours on average, which means I am pretty busy.
Already he is pretty stubborn and hates being naked. That isn`t much of a problem except he has overflowed his diapers (nappies) almost every day which requires a full wipe down and outfit change! Squirming and screaming make it pretty hard to get a baby changed quickly. Sorry Aiden!
Here are a few pictures from our 2nd week together.
Near Osaka castle - we found the last of the cherry blossoms!
First ride in the new child seat (slept the whole way!)
Aiden and 3 of his 6 cousin…


I think I mentioned that Yoshi`s sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time. She fell pregnant 2-3 weeks after me, and just had her baby girl yesterday (10 days after me)!
Congratulations Aki and Chika on the newest addition to your family!
Their baby`s name in Kanji is 文音 and in Hiragana is もね and although I have asked them, they are still undecided about how to write it in English (Romaji characters). It is pronounced like Monet (the artist) but might be written Mone or Moneh or another way.
Aki and Chika already have 2 sons, so were so pleased to welcome a daughter. She weighed just 2660grams at birth, much smaller than Aiden (her big boy cousin).
I am already excited about the prospect of もね and Aiden being great cousins and great friends!

Pictures of Aiden (Week 1)

In no particular order, here are some pics of my lil cutie from his first week of life...
his thinking face...
just after a nap!

crashed out after a big feed.
sheepskin from NZ, such a great way to nap!
are you gonna be a boxer? a K1 fighter?
is that your first smile?
chillin out...
He does seem to spend a lot of time with his eyes closed! Although I adore looking into his deep blue eyes, I guess that makes me a lucky mum :)

My Nisseki hospital stay

After being admitted to the hospital on April 7th, and then giving birth there on April 8th, I went on to stay 3 more nights at Nisseki hospital (April 9, 10 and 11th) before being discharged on April 12th.
Each day at the hospital was planned out in advanced, and I received a copy of my `schedule` soon after giving birth to Aiden.
Each morning at around 6-7am, a nurse would come in and check on me (blood pressure, body temperature) and the baby. I had to write down everything that Aiden did each hour (pee? poo? drink? have a fever?) in a special diary and show it to the nurses whenever they asked.
At 7am, I was brought breakfast, which consisted of fish, rice, miso soup, milk and one kind of side dish (vegetables).

At 9am a doctor would come and examine me and each day, Aiden was taken into the nursery for his checkup, allowing me some free time to take a shower.
Twice during my stay, the new mothers gathered in the `day room` at around 10am to receive information on taking care of a new…

Aiden`s birth story

WARNING: If you don`t want to read about some of the gory and personal details of giving birth, please STOP reading now.

My birth story started as a very regular day (or so I thought). On Thursday April 7th (Yoshi`s only day off last week), I had a checkup at the hospital (my 40 week checkup) and was really hoping that the doctor might have some good news regarding my progress. I felt just about ready to burst, and was so ready to get my little one out!!

As I undressed to have my examination, something strange happened. I felt like I was peeing my pants, looked down, and saw a puddle on the floor. Oh MY God! I think my water just broke!!
The doctor confirmed my suspicions and told me that I would have to be admitted to the hospital asap. Walking around and generally living life with one`s water broken can be very dangerous, as bacteria can more easily enter the uterus and harm the baby.
Although contractions were yet to start, I was admitted to the hospital (luckily we already had my `hos…

One week old today!

I can't believe you are already one week old!I really can't believe how much we already love you!Thank you my darling Aiden for lighting up my life. Fran xx

Baby update

We came home from the hospital today which was great. I mean, of course it was nice to stay in my room (my bed most of the time) at the hospital and have people bring me food and drinks and have a few visitors stop by, but it wasn`t really that comfortable (being in a completely Japanese hospital environment, and spending nights away from my wonderful hubby for the first time since we got married).
I have so many things to tell you all, so will spend the next few days (if I have time) going into some more details on my birth story, my hospital stay, and of course my lovely new son Aiden.
But first, just a few new things about my wee boy.
When he was born his hair was really light and curly, but over the last 3-4 days it has darkened to a light brown and has become more wavy than curly. He definitely gets those curls from me!
His eyes are still blue, but everyone I speak to tells me that they will darken, or change color as he gets older. Of course that`s ok too.
The nurses at the hospital …

My little Aiden

Well, my son finally arrived!
I cannot blog properly from here, so just a few details for - Aiden (永典)
birth date - April 8, 2011
birth time - 4:50pm Japan time
weight - 3500g
hair - a little (curly and blond)
eyes - deep dark blue (for now)
looks like - all the nurses think he looks just like Yoshi. Yoshi thinks he looks like my dad!He is cute and perfect and big and very genki and strong.We will be home on Tuesday, so I will post more (and pictures) then.Fran xx

Easter Treats

Although it seems that my son will arrive late (well, there are still plenty of hours left in the day, so we will see), my Easter present arrived a little early.
My mum (living in NZ) sent me a little birthday present combined with a little Easter present and it just arrived today!
Thanks mum. I got some yummy Cadbury creme eggs,

some Jockey underwear, some Colgate whitening toothpaste
and some Dove roll-on deodorant.

These are all some of my favorite NZ things that I cannot get in Japan, so I am super stoked ... yippee!

40 . weeks . pregnant .

Today, April 5th 2011 is supposed to be the day when my baby is born, but...
It is a well documented fact (on blogs, websites and other internet portals) that only 5% of babies are born on their due date. I think that there are more resources on this fact than many other important parts of pregnancy because there are A LOT of very frustrated mums-to-be out there that wake up on their due date desperately asking the question `Where is my baby?`

Try googling `40 weeks pregnant` or even `41 weeks pregnant` and you will be bombarded with blog postings written by very very tired, bloated and grumpy women.
Because all of my japanese friends, and all of Yoshi`s family members delivered their babies small, and well before their due dates, I guess I just assumed that my baby would come early too. Boy was I wrong.
It is around this time (I guess) that a lot of expectant mothers also start searching for ways to naturally induce labor. I asked Yoshi if this is popular in Japan too, but being a boy, I…

Love bug

Did you know my first car was an orange 1969 VolksWagen Bug? I was in love with that car and it almost broke my heart when I sold it to buy a plane ticket to come to Japan (almost 8 years ago).
Although I love (and tell Yoshi that I want to someday own) Audis and Ferraris too, my one true love is the VW beetle.
Look at this incredible picture I found today!

Need it .Want it .Love it !