Tuesday`s news

In today`s news, explosions and leakages at Japan`s nuclear power plants have caused over 140,000 people to be stuck inside their homes. I am so confused about all the news that is coming out about the nuclear disaster... Is it safe, or isn`t it? Should we panic, or shouldn`t we? Are the current levels dangerous to health now or in the future? Who knows what is going on, and who can we trust?

I want to cry and scream and hide inside, but know that isn`t good for anyone!

In other news, today I am officially 37 weeks pregnant!

In medical terms, that means my son is fully developed (staying inside a little longer will be beneficial to his immune system) but will continue gaining weight until his birthday. He could be born at any time from now!!

The biggest change I have noticed (no pre-labor symptoms yet) is a lack of sleep. No matter what position I am in, I am uncomfortable, and if I do manage to fall asleep, parts of my body weighed down by my belly become numb or crampy... This could have something to do with one amazing fact; at 37 weeks pregnant, a woman`s uterus has expanded to 1000x its normal volume! aaaaagh!

I also get really hot when I do manage to sleep, and wake up drenched in sweat... eww!

I will have my next check up at the hospital on Thursday, so will let you know how that goes.


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