Today`s earthquake

What has happened to our poor planet? First a huge earthquake in New Zealand, and now one in Japan too!

The 8.4 magnitude earthquake hit Japan this afternoon and was felt all the way from Hokkaido to Osaka. It is currently being reported as the largest earthquake ever to hit Japan; there have been only a few casualties / 24 deaths reported so far.

UPDATE: Saturday morning: The official casualty toll was 236 dead, 725 missing and 1,028 injured, although police said 200-300 bodies were found along the coast in Sendai, the biggest city in the area. Authorities said they weren't able to reach the area because of damage to the roads.

A huge tsunami hit the northern part of Japan, and all coastal areas are on alert. There are cars and boats floating around the prefecture of Fukushima.

At the time of the quake, I was in Shinsaibashi, on the 10th floor of Daimaru department store. I felt myself swaying from side to side, but no one around me reacted at all, so I thought it was just me! I thought I must be dizzy, and worried that I might faint, so I walked to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. Then I noticed the lights hanging from the ceiling were swaying too, and heard people outside the bathroom saying `jishin..` (the Japanese word for `earthquake`).

I hope everyone is ok. Please stay safe :)


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