Tick tock

So, it is March 29th, 2011...
How many more days to go?

According to my numerous Ipod applications ... There are ...

7 days to go! Although of course I hope he comes tomorrow!!

I use all of these apps for different reasons. One of them is just a countdown app, the other ones all have other great functions like a daily update on the growth and development of the baby, baby name search info, pictures, diagrams and videos about birth and babies, contraction timer, and muuuuuch more.

The apps I currently use (for pregnancy) are...

Baby Bump - free version available / 450yen version available
Baby Centre Pregnancy - free
What to expect (Pregnancy) - free
マタニフォン - free
Period tracker deluxe - was free when I got it, but now 230yen

The apps I plan to use (once baby is here) are...

Total Baby - 600yen
What to expect (Baby) - free


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