Screenshots on Ipods and Iphones

I didn`t know that I could do this, so I guess there are others who don`t know either...

step-1iphone-ipod-screenshotLocate the buttons. You need to locate the home and sleep buttons on your device. The home button is located at the bottom of the screen for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The sleep button is on the top right for the iPhone and top left for the iPod Touch.

step-2iphone-ipod-screenshot-2Take a screenshot. Press the home and sleep buttons at the same time. Or if that doesn`t work, hold down the home button and push the sleep button briefly. Your screen will flash white and you’ll hear a camera shutter sound.

step-3iphone-ipod-screenshot-3Locate your screenshots. To locate the screenshots go to photos and look in camera roll. The screenshots will be located at the bottom because they are your latest images.

step-4iphone-ipod-screenshotDownload or email the image. You can either sync your device with iTunes to download the screenshots to your computer or email them to yourself or friends.


  1. Hi fran,

    I knew it, but my darling taught me how! Guys know better, I guess. hehe


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