Pacific Ocean Tsunami Warning!

In response to today`s earthquake, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has widened its tsunami warning to include Hawaii and the rest of the Pacific Ocean, while a watch notice was issued for the west coast of the U.S. The warning also includes Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Central and South America.

Please take care everyone.


  1. I saw the news that Tsunami hit terribly...

    My grandma lives in Kansai and she said she didn't realize the shake.

    Anyways it is shaking once in few minutes in Tokyo X( scary...

  2. Yes, the quake here was only about magnitude 3 or 4. I can`t get used to earthquakes and always feel even the slightest movement (and this time I was on the 10th floor, so it might have felt bigger than it was).
    Hope you and your family are ok!
    Take care :)


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