Okonomiyaki Mizuno

This okonomiyaki (a kind of cabbage pancake / pizza) restaurant has been run by the same family for 3 generations and is one of the most popular okonomiyaki restaurants in the south Osaka region.

Actually, when I eat okonomiyaki I usually go to Fugetsu because it is cheap and always really delicious, but yesterday, Yoshi and I decided to try something new.

Mizuno is located in Dotonbori (between Shinsaibashi and Namba) and is usually packed with people. It is quite a small restaurant, and tucked away from the main arcade, but still attracts a lot of customers. The staff said that their quietest time is between 3-5pm, so if you don`t like to wait, that is probably your best chance of walking straight in.

I chose the yamaimo-yaki (just like regular okonomiyaki but made with yamaimo instead of flour). It was really good and much softer than normal.

A really good lunch!


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