My birth plan

A birth plan is a simple, clear statement of your preferences for the birth of your baby. As my due date comes closer and closer, my doctor instructed me to fill out the hospital`s birth plan (バースプラン) sheet in Japanese. It asks questions like`What are you worried about?` ..`What do you want / don`t you want with regards to labor and birth?`.. `Do you have any message for your baby?`

These questions are difficult enough for a first time delivery, but writing it all in Japanese??

I googled バースプラン and found some websites with sample birth plans written in Japanese. I copied and pasted some of the ideas... and talked them over with Yoshi to make sure that I really understood what I was writing.

I presume that having a birth plan doesn`t ensure that the birth goes just the way you hope. Of course, babies have their own schedules, and unforseen medical emergencies happen every day, but the birth plan for me is just a guideline, so the midwives know my preferences and don`t have to bother me with lots of questions on the big day.

During my last visit, I was also asked about my preferences for breakfast in the hospital... `Would you prefer bread or rice?` `Can you drink milk?` and `What kind of juice would you prefer? Apple, Orange or Vege?`

That made me excited! Sounds a bit like a hotel!

The doctor also told me that I can bring a CD and some aroma / fragrance goods to help me relax during labor. I hadn`t thought about that before, so will have to think of some songs that make me happy / relaxed / motivated etc.

Here are some of the albums I have taken songs from so far. I have tried to choose music that I like and would listen to even if I weren`t in labor!

For any of you that have done this before... do you have any suggestions? I can imagine just getting angry with all my music at some stage during labor, but it will be nice to have it there, just in case.


  1. I didn't have any music during labor but it would have been nice to have some in my room while I was staying for the five days - and yes, if you have a nice birthing clinic then it is like a hotel - albeit one where you have to walk gingerly around and get told to whip your boobs out all the time and get antiseptic sessions every day for the saloon doors.

    I can imagine during the later stages of labor that you may well be going 'just fuck off foo fighters, unless you can come and pull this baby out of me right this second just #&$'#(( right off"

    Good to prepare it though especially if labor is long and all they have is Japanese TV to entertain you.

    Not long to go!! Just package book and monitor up and will get to PO tomorrow.

  2. Just a warning, you may always associate the music during labour with contractions...!
    I didn't take my own music, but the hospital had an Enya one handy, and we stuck it on. Now if I hear any Enya music, I remember my contraction pains..!

    Good or bad...? You be the judge! But I thought I should warn you :-)

    Belinda in Kobe with 6 month old son (friend of Kumara)


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