My baby shower

Out of the 10 people (including me) that came to my baby shower, only 2 people had ever been to a baby shower before!! I have no idea if mine was normal, or fun, but I certainly had a great time.

We held the shower at the Hard Rock Cafe in Osaka (one of the only places I found that accepts reservations during the lunch hour) and enjoyed lots of delicious (and HUGE) food and drinks.

I ordered the BLT sandwich and a cranberry juice, others had burgers, salads, nachos, and lots of really delicious-looking cocktails! After lunch, the staff gave me a huge dessert with sparklers! It was big enough to share with everyone!

Also, everyone brought gifts!! And I want to show you some of the cool things I got... check out the pics below.

A play mat for babies aged zero and up;

A diaper cake (I never knew these existed outside of the movies);

A breast-feeding cover;

3 bibs;

A toy cell-phone;

A rattle and a puppet;

... and just for me, a beautiful scarf to wear come spring time;

My gorgeous sister gave me a beautiful wooden mobile to hang above the baby`s crib, but I can`t take a picture of it until we hang it up... promise I will!

I feel so lucky to have such generous and thoughtful friends. No one chose a gift like someone else, and everything was something I didn`t already have!!

Thanks girls ♡


  1. Yay! My gift photo was the best! Looking forward to seeing the mobile, it looked precious! Thanks for initiating me into Baby Showers - you must be on hand for D's in August - I suppose that will be my responsibility eh.

    My friend is in Japan right now and when she heard I was at Hard Rock yesterday lunch she insisted on getting the Shinkansen down from Tokyo for more cocktails and dinner, then went straight back! The martinis are THAT good there hehe! (Thankfully she's here on business and everything goes on expenses!) So I had a full on Hard Rocking day!


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