Little vent... grrr

If I can manage to read the signs (in japanese) and listen to the announcements (in japanese) and stand behind the blue circle (as clearly stated) in line to catch the train, why can`t everyone else???

I don`t have many pet peeves, but the ones I do have centre mainly around train etiquette (or lack thereof) in Osaka. People who don`t line up properly and then proceed to push in front of the nicely lined-up people to get a seat on the train really really really annoy me.

OK, that`s all for now. Thanks for letting me vent a little!


  1. Hi Fran,

    I know! I hate those who do that, but that many in Osaka! Then I think Tokyo is better...

    Anyways, I love this poster series. Really funny with zombie eyes. lol

    Oh, do you have a plan to build a new house?! Surprisingly, many people around me are doing that now. hehe

  2. Thanks Ochi.
    The posters are so silly, but their message is good I suppose. I wonder if people change their behavior at all :)
    Yes, we are planning to build a house this year! We have lots of ideas, but we haven`t made a plan or anything yet.
    I promise I will post information about it when we get started.


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