Another strange product from Japan...

Despite my blogging about seemingly random/unimportant things today, please know that I am still very very worried about the state of life here in Japan. I have been glued to the TV for days now, bursting into tears with every story of lost children, reunited families and people who have piles of rubble where their homes used to be...

I don`t want to keep writing about it and watching it because it is too sad. I am constantly thinking about it and all the people who have been affected by it, but I want to try to remain positive if I can.

So, last week, before all of this happened, I was watching TV when a new product (made by Shiseido) was advertised. Please tell me if you think this is somehow wrong... because I sure do.

Product name : Maquillage Lighting Powdery UV Foundation
Product description (english) : Makeup for Virgin Pure Skin
Product description (japanese) : I'm Virginな肌をメークする

Underneath the videos of the commercial on Youtube are countless comments of `かわいいい` (`cuuute`), but to me it just seems very weird.


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