The coolest place for kids EVER!

KidZania is a mexican chain of family entertainment centres operated in 10 cities around the world.

Here in Osaka we have one of these places! Oh I wish I was a kid again just so I could go here... this is the kind of thing I looooooove!

I have never been (because I don`t have any kids yet), but the kindergarten where I worked last year often takes school field trips there, and today, Yoshi`s brother (and his wife and 2 sons), and sister (and 2 daughters) are all going... so JEALOUS!

The concept is based around a city run by kids. Kids can wear uniforms and work in shops, restaurants, factories (all scaled to 2/3 of normal size), and even as doctors and policemen, AND can earn KidZos cash in return...

There is even a KidZania cash card, and a bank where kids can save their money for future visits if they want to!

Now, there is a program where Japanese kids can use English at KidZania. There are non-Japanese staff at some of the `companies` and the kids can talk to them in English :)

I can`t wait until my son is old enough to bring him here... although I may just have more fun than him... hehe ;)


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