Celebs who give back

In response to the recent disasters in Japan, these amazing celebs have done some incredible things...

Gwen Stefani has donated $1million to the relief fund, saying;

"I`ve been inspired by Japan for many years and have a true love, appreciation and respect for the Japanese people and their culture. The disaster in Japan is beyond heartbreaking, and I want to do anything I can to help. I would never be able to make a gesture like this without the love and support of all the fans over all these years."

Sandra Bullock has also donated $1million to Japan;

And so has Demi Lovato (singer, Disney actress);

After the news of the earthquake and tsunami broke, almost instantaneously, celebs were telling fans on twitter to text 90999 to the American Red Cross and donate money (automatic $10 donation). These tweeters included Conan O`Brien, Khloe Kardashian and P. Diddy.

Lady Gaga designed a `Pray for Japan` wristband which sells for $5 on her website with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Idols and singers (like Blink 182`s Marc Hoppus) have sold personal items on E-Bay and donated all the profits.

Other singers and artists, like Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Goo Hara (from Kara) and Linkin Park have donated money and/or designed wrist bands and tee shirts and are selling them online.

Motorcycle giant Harley Davidson donated $250,000 to the effort too!

Of course there are hundreds more celebrities who have done great things to help Japan, you can check out a more definitive list right here.

I think it is really amazing, and quite different to the response to the Hanshin Earthquake which happened 16 years ago.

Thanks everyone - and keep up that loving feeling!


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