Celeb Update

The 2011 Spring celebrity births have begun!

Rachel Zoe gave birth to a baby boy named Skyler Morrison Berman, in Los Angeles. He weighed in at 6 lbs., 12 oz. (about 3060grams) and is 20 inches long (about 51cm).

Do you guys know Rachel Zoe? She is a stylist to some of Hollywood`s top stars and is one of the skinniest celebs I have ever seen. I don`t think she even had a baby bump until her 7th or 8th month! Anyway, congrats Rachel (and her hubby Rodger)!

In other celebrity baby news, Jessica Alba is pregnant again (2nd time), and some clever paparazzi managed to get a snap of her tiny baby bump (looks more like a big pasta lunch to me)...

In celebrity bump fashion, it seems that the maxi dress is the key item for spring this year! So cute...

(pictured left-right, Selma Blair, Devon Aoki and Pink).


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