38 weeks

I had my 38 week checkup yesterday, and as usual they checked my weight, blood pressure and urine, and the doctor gave me an internal exam and did a scan of my bump.

He was pleased to announce that baby boy now weighs 3006grams... wow! And that his weight is completely normal for a 38 week 2 day old fetus! YAY! According to babycentre.com, an average 38 week old fetus measures / weighs;

38 weeks19.61 inches6.80 pounds49.8 cm3083 grams


He also told me that there are no visible signs that I will go into labor anytime soon... hmmmm...

Recently it has been hard for the doctor to get a good picture of the baby (from the scan) because he is just too big and moves around too much. But yesterday he managed to snap a picture of bub`s fist, as he tried to punch me... cute! (a bit hard to see, sorry)...


  1. Very cute! Glad everything is on track.

  2. How cute!!!

    And I am glad to know how healthy your baby is!!! Because there are many people who give a birth at 2000 grams in Japan... I worry myself about that, too... (not yet, though. haha)

  3. Right? I am so surprised how tiny Japanese babies have become. When my husband was born, he weighed more than 3000 grams, but these days, most babies in Japan are tiny!! (Around 2400-2800 grams). I guess it is much easier for the mother to give birth, but I don`t think the babies are healthy enough. I am worried about the pain of course, but the most important thing is a 元気 baby!


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