37 weeks

During my pregnancy I have often wondered why I didn`t look and feel more like the pregnant women on TV and in the movies... I mean, the BIG round belly, the chubby round face, the waddle...

Well apparently, that all comes in the 10th month (9th month if you are in the US), and it comes at a price!

These last few weeks have definitely left me looking and feeling VERY pregnant, and VERY VERY uncomfortable. I have a really sore lower back, aching hips and a lot of trouble standing upright for long periods of time.

Friday - Week 37

I had my 37 week checkup at the hospital yesterday which included a weigh-in, urine test, blood pressure test, internal exam, belly scan (all as usual), and this time, a `non-stress-test` for baby. This involved very little actually. Me lying on a hospital bed with two belts around my belly, one to record the baby`s heartbeat, and one to record uterine contractions (if any).

The doctor`s prognosis? `A very genki baby, and no contractions!` Looks like my little man will not be showing his face any time soon. His current weight is 2895grams, still growing!

Yesterday was also Yoshi`s day off, and we spent a lot of time eating and walking. Despite my aching body, I feel so lazy sitting down all day and find that the initial discomfort of walking tends to become more and more bearable the longer I walk around... (maybe?)... or is it just numbness setting in?

For those of you outside Japan, I wonder if the news of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster are still going strong? I think the nuclear problem is at the forefront of foreign news, as I saw the cover of `Newsweek` magazine and turned on CNN yesterday. Photos and scenes of masked scientists checking radiation levels looked very scary, and so different to the clearly labeled diagrams of the nuclear reactors and pictures/video taken 2 years ago of blue-skied, birds-eye-views of the scene around the nuclear plants we are being fed here in Japan. I still don`t know whose information (if any) is more accurate, so am choosing to remain a little ignorant, and more blissful down here in Osaka, away from all the drama.

Fran xx


  1. came to osaka on wednesday and couldn't believe how absolutely normal it is here. probably have to go back to tokyo tonight, though really wishing we didn't.

    good luck in the last weeks of pregnancy!!

  2. Thanks J. Yeah, it does seem a bit like nothing is going on up north (when wandering the streets), but it is nice to see people collecting donations and lining up to donate blood. I have talked to a lot of Osaka-jin who say that keeping positive (not hard for a very energetic group of people) is the most important thing. Maintaining a sense of normalcy within such extreme circumstances does seem to be a healthy way to look at things!
    Be safe in Tokyo!!!!!!!!!


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