35 weeks

I had my 35 week check up at the hospital yesterday - the last of my bi-weekly checkups, which will become weekly checkups from next Thursday. Apart from grumbling about my weight gain (nothing new there), the doctor told me that my baby has also grown immensely since my last visit. At this stage of pregnancy (with just 4 weeks to go), babies usually gain around 200g per week.

Over the last two weeks, my baby has gained exactly 600grams!!! HUGE!!

I am officially housing a giant baby.

Of course, when I stupidly compared myself to Yoshi`s sisters and their tiny Japanese offspring, I was met with gaping mouths! `Your baby is 2625g?? That`s bigger than __ (enter offspring`s name here) when he/she was born!!`

Oh dear! Once again proving that I am completely un-Japanese, and any attempt to fit in is futile.

In other hospital news; after I was seen by the doctor, one of the girls in the pink uniforms pulled Yoshi and I aside to explain what happens during early labour and how to recognise the signs that the baby is coming. Yoshi became paler and paler as the girl spoke of blood and mucus and other delightful things being expelled from my body... hehe ;)

She also showed us some pictures of the delivery room (private!) and the room where I am to stay with my baby for 3-4 days after delivery (a bit longer than a typical NZ hospital stay, and a wee bit shorter than some of the private hospitals/clinics around Japan).

Anyway, without further ado, here is the belly shot for week 35.

Friday - week 35

Here is week 33. BIG change!! 600g does make a rather large difference...

- It is getting much harder to sleep, and be comfortable in general.
- I don`t have any clothes that fit me any more, so getting ready to go out each day is rather boring too.
- The size of my meals is getting smaller because my stomach is being squashed by my baby.
- It is harder to walk long distances now as my lungs are pretty cramped in there too.


  1. Hi Fran!!!

    I can't believe you are going to be a mom in few weeks!!!

    Housing a giant baby is a good one. LoL

    How long is the stay in NZ after delivery? 3-4 days sounds long but short?!?!

    Is yoshi going to attend the delivery?! I can't imagine for my darling... kind of ashame... but I think I need help. haha

    How far is it to visit your doctor?! Sounds very tough to walk. But comfortable in general?!

    I have lots of questions. haha

    Please take care :)

  2. Thanks for all your questions Ochi!! In New Zealand (and many other countries) the mother and baby are sent home on the same day (if they are healthy). In some cases, maybe they will stay one night in the hospital.
    Yoshi will attend the delivery for sure! He is my only family here in Japan, and I think I will need a lot of help... also my brain will be working slowly, so I will need his help to translate what the nurses are telling me (all the nurses only speak Japanese).
    I can get to the hospital in under 30 minutes (train and a 5-minute walk).

    also, in another comment you asked me what language Yoshi and I use at home... well, he mostly speaks Japanese to me (because we live with his mother and she wants to listen to our conversations haha), and I usually reply to him in English (because I am very lazy). If I talk to his mother, I have to speak Japanese.
    I want to speak 100% English to our baby, and I want him to be bilingual, so I hope Yoshi will speak to him in English too! The baby will hear LOTS of Japanese outside the house (and with his Grandma and cousins etc).


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