Me and my Wii Fit

Since it is far too cold to head outside for a walk, I decided to dust off the Wii Fit and give it a go. The weight/body checker was a little surprised at how much weight I had gained since the last use, but my BMI is now in the normal range (whereas before it was a little below normal), so my little mini Mii character was jumping with delight.

Unfortunately there is no `I am pregnant` box to check on the Wii, so if you plan to use yours when pregnant, choose the exercises carefully!

Today I did 5 minutes of Wii Step (it is like a calmer version of Dance Dance Revolution)...

I also did 20 minutes of Free Step (like climbing small stairs, up/down/up/down)

I did 3 yoga poses including the Cobra...

and finished with Lotus Focus (similar to Zazen meditation)

So, a grand total of 35 minutes of exercise! I am very pleased with myself.



Some pregnant ladies still use the Wii Fit as an exercise tool during the early stages of pregnancy, but as with any exercise programme the sensible thing to do in the event of pregnancy is to consult your doctor.

They will advise you on the correct course of action, and if you have any queries regarding your exercise routines whilst pregnant they will be able to provide a professional answer.

Don’t forget the Wii Fit will not know that you are pregnant, so try not to get too offended if it starts to complain about your Centre Of Balance, or even worse suggest that you have put on a little weight!


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