What is in your bag?

A japanese website called In My Bag has recently come to my attention. It is such a simple idea, but I guess it will appeal to a lot of people for a lot of reasons...

* Nosy people rejoice! Who doesn`t want to know what other people carry around in their handbags, briefcases, make-up pouches and diaper bags?

* The website is in Japanese AND English, a rarity amongst japanese websites.

* Advertising possibilities. Write down what`s in your bag, photograph the contents and spread the word. What is the most popular kind of cell-phone or lip balm? What kind of baby wipes do young mums use? How many people really have luxury brand handbags in Japan?

* Girl power! This website is focused towards women (although men can use it too) and appeals directly to the female mind.

I don`t think I will be photographing the contents of my bag any time soon (a bit boring really), but I have enjoyed poking around some other people`s bags for the past few minutes... fun fun!


  1. Hi fran!

    I never knew this site! And how interesting that many people have RODHIA in their bags!!! Is that true?! haha


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