Tragedy in New Zealand

A big earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand at 12:50pm (NZ time today) and already 65 people are confirmed to have died. Luckily no one in my family (who mostly live in the north part of New Zealand) was hurt.

A lot of buildings and other structures were weakened by an earthquake measuring 7.2 magnitude last September, and many of those buildings fell down today. Today`s earthquake measured 6.3 magnitude and struck Christchurch city at lunch time, when many many people were outside on the streets, in big office buildings at work and in shops around town.

It is so scary, and so shocking...

This last picture shows the most iconic building in Christchurch, the Cathedral. It was really beautiful.

My thoughts go out to everyone in New Zealand at this time, especially those who have lots friends, family and loved ones. Truly so so sad...

I will update this post when we know more details. Take care ♡

This is amazing. An organisation has set up a Facebook page named `Accommodation for Earthquake Stricken Cantabrians` (nb. Cantabrians are people from the Canterbury region = Christchurch), so that families with spare rooms around New Zealand can offer space and accommodation to people who have lost their homes. There are already dozens of offers! Thanks Kiwis!

Unfortunately the death toll from the earthquake has risen to over 100 people and there are still dozens missing. There are also many Japanese students missing too, so Japan has sent a team of earthquake experts to help out.


  1. Hi Fran,

    The organization sounds cool!!! I can't imagine that in Japan (spare rooms)... I hope no more huge earthquake in Japan...

    When I saw the news yesterday, it reminded of you!!! I'm glad to know your family was fine!

    Too bad that the cathedral fell over... I saw it was fixed immediately after the 9/4 earthquake X(

  2. I'm glad that your families are fine there.


    Link to your blog thru Ochi..


  3. Thanks Ochi and Josephine. Unfortunately more and more bodies are being discovered and terrible stories are coming out every hour. I hope that some more people are found alive - miracles can happen sometimes!


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