Tiny human necessities

After reading several books, numerous Ipod applications, hundreds of websites and even a couple of pamphlets from Akachan Honpo and Babies R Us (here in Japan), I have come to the conclusion that the following things are newborn essentials;

- crib/cot/baby bed
- mattress
- blanket
- sheets
- duvet/futon covers
- waterproof sheets/pads

- bibs
- bottles (either to feed formula or pumped breast milk)
- bottle cleaning brush
- bottle steriliser
- bottle warmer
- breast pump (if breast-feeding)
- nipple cream (if breast-feeding)
- nipple pads (if breast-feeding)
- nursing pilllow

Clothing (may need 5-7 of each item depending on season)
- burp cloths
- hats/caps/bonnets
- cotton onesies
- fleecewear/snowsuits (seasonal)
- newborn mittens
- one-piece outfits
- one-piece pajamas
- outfit to wear home from the hospital
- socks and booties
- sweater/cardigan/jacket

- cloth or disposable diapers (newborns average 10-12 per day)
- changing table or pad
- diaper bag
- diaper disposal
- diaper cream
- diaper wipes

Toiletries or medical supplies
- baby hair brush
- baby nail clippers
- baby soap and shampoo
- baby bath
- hooded towels
- baby thermometer
- cotton balls
- nasal aspirator
- wash cloths
- petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
- infant pain/fever medication

Going out
- car seat
- sling or carrier
- stroller/baby car

Additional accessories
- baby laundry detergent
- baby monitor
- bouncy seat
- infant swing
- mobile (to hang above the crib)
- nightlight
- pacifiers
- nursing coverup

And with only a few weeks to go, I have about half the items on the list. I am sure that some of the things are not necessary in the first days of life, so have postponed buying them till a bit later.

I have found some great newborn clothing sets (bonnets, mittens, onesies and pajamas) at Babies R Us and also online at Nissen. Everyone has told me not to spend too much money on newborn clothing because newborns grow so fast. There are lots of shops here in Japan that sell very expensive newborn clothing (e.g. Mikihouse, Familiar and most department stores) but I have managed to avoid them so far.

Other stores I have seen here in Japan include online store Akasugu (which also sells maternity clothing and lots of other baby/kids essentials), Mamas and Papas (also has strollers, maternity wear), and chain stores Akachan Honpo and Nishimatsuya (which is very famous but which I have yet to visit).

Hope this list is useful, and not too overwhelming. Please ask if I have left off anything (very possible being that it is Sunday morning and I haven`t eaten breakfast yet!)


  1. Absolutely brilliant list and thanks for giving links to the stores! I have only seen a few and I was worried I would have to buy stuff from home and ship it to Japan.


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