Thanks Z and D

I met with 2 of my friends today (who we shall call Z and D) for lunch and lots of girly chatting. We went to a Hawaiian burger restaurant in Namba Parks called
Kua Aina (クア・アイナ).

I had the Avocado cheeseburger set with Cheddar Cheese! D had the Avocado cheeseburger set with Provolone Cheese, and Z had a Bacon burger set.

The burgers were so delish and we were completely stuffed! I think I was the only one who ate all of mine... yay pregnant appetite :)

The girls gave me a present (for the baby) too! It was a bag full of all kinds of useful things that an organised mama-to-be needs. I was really surprised and really grateful. Thanks girls! So thoughtful and so wonderful.

Hope to see you both soon xx


  1. hahaha you posted this because we told you how obsessed with blogs we are didn't you!

    great afternoon - can't believe it was warm enough to sit outside! and you're welcome for the goodies, think of us when you bathe little man and use the panda towel!

    looking forward to the baby shower and seeing the girls!xx

  2. hehe Yes, kind of! And you did read it less than an hour after I posted it... stalker ;)
    Hope you found what you were looking for in Shinsaibashi! See you next weekend!

  3. I feel a bit slow now :(

    Glad you had a good time! I had a blast it was great to see you and feel the baby bump.

    Thanks for the great reading material, I haven't put them down since I got back (well minus when I was napping of course). I hope to see you soon!

  4. Hi Fran!

    Those burgers sound delicious!!! There are 2 shops close to my home that serves just the same size (huge) burgers!!! It is very satisfying by the way it looks, and yes, surprisingly, I can finish it up!!!


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